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REQUEST FROM JAMIE OLIVER!Jamie pictured at the recent Endorse It In Dorset Festival. Photo by Jon Flash. Click to enlarge

One of Jamie Oliver’s other bands, the Short Bus Window Lickers (SBWL) are in a band voting contest for the 2012 Punk & Disorderly Festival.

Basically the more people the SBWL get to 'like' their picture the more likely they are to get on the Festival bill.

All you have to do to help Jamie out is go to the Punk & Disorderly Festival Facebook page here: and click the ‘Like’ button.

Example of the picture you need to 'Like' in order to vote for the SBWL. Do it now, do it now, do it now, do it NOW!!!   ;o)Once you have ‘Liked’ the Punk & Disorderly Festival page you are then eligible to ‘vote’ for one of the bands in the contest by clicking on the ‘Like’ button for the picture of the specific band you’d like to see win and appear at the Festival.

The SBWL picture (see picture right) that you need to ‘Like’ is here: