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OFFICIAL U.K. SUBS MERCHANDISEBlack Hoodie - click image to enlarge

Click here for official U.K. Subs merchandise

Click to enlargeThe U.K. Subs official merchandiser is Mainstage Merch, who have been working with Charlie for a few years now.

In the last couple of years Mainstage have started to supply some merchandise for the band to sell on tour.
Click image to enlargeIain Kilgallon, of Mainstage Merch recently came up with 3 new U.K. Subs designs and Charlie has now asked Mainstage to be the official supplier for the old classic Subs designs.Beanie, Navy and Red - click to enlarge

Mainstage Merch will soon be printing up some flyers so Yuko can give them out from the stall at all the shows - and all the new and old classic designs will be up for sale on their website any day now.

Iain is also designing a U.K. Subs polo shirt and some kids designs. The plan is for the Mainstage Merch website to have a multitude of merchandise for the U.K. Subs from now on.


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