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First of all, happy new year to you all ❤️
Thanks for everyone's concern about Charlie, regarding him getting covid at the end of the last tour, which finished just over 3 weeks ago.
A couple of days after we came home, Charlie started coughing.
The next day, he did a LFT (home test in UK) and it showed up as positive.
So we both did a PCR test, but unfortunately, they managed to lose our test results due to the high volume of daily infections.
Anyway, another couple of days after Charlie tested positive, I started having covid symptoms too.
I was also positive from LFT.
We were both isolated.
All ended on Christmas Day.
We enjoyed a good Christmas together.
Now I’m almost fully recovered from my cough, Charlie is recovering from it as well, but it has left him with a cough as well as feeling tired, but he is on a fast road to recovery.
He’s doing ok, eating very well everyday.
Please don’t worry - he’s fine and wishes you all happy new year! Xx


04/01: STATEMENT: January Gigs Cancelled / Postponed

Sorry all, but the U.K. Subs are unable to play the shows as advertised for Stafford, London, Derby, Dover and Southend, starting on the 12th ‘till the 16th January. There are 3 major reasons why it’s no longer possible for us to do so: firstly, although we were able to complete our winter UK tour successfully, Charlie succumbed to the dreaded Covid curse a couple of days after returning home. He’s doing fine, almost back to normal, but needs a little more time to fully recover. Secondly, living in France as I do, all travel from here to the UK is now restricted to only those with essential reasons for doing so – unfortunately this does not include playing Punk rock at the 100 Club! – plus a good chance of a partial lockdown being imminent and more restrictions on the way. And thirdly, with the onslaught of the omicron variant, crowded venues are not a healthy idea at present anyway. Having already lost friends like Mensi and Tony Feedback to this terrible virus, we wouldn’t want to be responsible for any serious illness or worse as a result of people coming to see us play. The London 100 Club and Stafford venues have cancelled and are offering full refunds for any tickets purchased. The Southend show is rescheduled for 10th April, whilst the Derby and Dover shows have been rescheduled for 16th and 18th September, all tickets bought being valid for these rescheduled gigs. Hopefully, in a couple of months, the infection rate will drop and restrictions will lift. We look forward to playing for you then. 


Cancellations at a glance...

January 2022
12: Redrum, Stafford, England CANCELLED - Refunds being issued
13: 100 Club, London, England CANCELLED - Refunds being issued
14: Hairy Dog, Derby, England POSTPONED TO 16/09/22
15: Dover Booking Hall, Dover, England POSTPONED TO 18/09/22
16: Cricketers, Southend, England POSTPONED TO 10/04/22

01/01: Happy new year from T&M

Time & Matter would like to wish all Subs fans, members and ex-members a happy new year, and thank you for your continued support...

Cheers - Mark & Rob 


Photo by Nick Knight - click to enlarge"People, people, people, get involved. Play your guitar, do your fanzines, take photos BE INVOLVED.  One day it could all be worth something because it's not only history but the future too.  So live it, don't just be part of the audience, participate."



Charlie Harper, 17 December 1998 - quoted from an interview in Scanner Fanzine Issue 3

 "Among the many bands on the bill are some of the veterans of the punk/new wave explosion of the late 1970s including... ...the seemingly indestructible UK Subs. Still fronted by Charlie Harper, who first formed the band as an Elizabethan madrigal quartet sometime in the 1600s, UK Subs were one of the original punk bands from 1976 and are notable not least for the fact of having been through at least 35 drummers in their 35-year history."


Laughing Nick Horton - Dorset Echo - 12th August 2011 Laughing

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