...click image to enlargeBBC 4 are currently working on a music documentary project which is for a series being produced as part of the 'Cultural Olympiad'.

This will be a high profile season of programming celebrating the best of British arts and culture. The 3-part series will examine and celebrate the origins, impact and legacy of British music of the 1970s and early 1980s. It is planned to be the BBCs flagship music documentary project for Festival 2012.

Charlie is therefore in London today being interviewed about the origins of the UK Subs, the musical landscape of the period and the DIY ethic of the whole punk movement.

The series will be very music focused and the producers are looking to illustrate how the sounds and aesthetic of this musical era have continued to be influential to this very day.

The project is being produced by the department responsible for the critically acclaimed Jazz, Folk, Blues and Synth Britannia, Folk America as well as the Later with Jools Holland shows.

We are hoping to get some photos of the interview, and look forward to Mr Harper appearing on national TV later in the year.

Below and above: Photos taken by Yuko - click to enlarge

Cheers Yuko