• U.K. Subs play The Fleece, Bristol, England

From a canvas print by Fishbones photography - Click to enlarge


Charlie Harper - vocals & harmonica

Jet - guitar

Alvin Gibbs - bass

Jamie Oliver - drums


Band line up photos by
Fishbones Photography


'Louder Than War' reviewed the gig on their website: "It's time Charlie Harper got an MBE for services to punk rock." Read the full article HERE


The following notice appeared on the T&M homepage for this gig:

TONIGHT! Saturday 19th May 2012

See the UK Subs live at The Fleece in Bristol for FREE on the Internet at https://www.facebook.com/jamieoliverdrums

...and a previous news story was:

  • JAMIEJamie Oliver - drums- click image to enlarge. Photograph courtesy of Jez Keefe. No copying of Jez's work without permission. www.jezkeefephotography.com PLANS TO BROADCAST THE SUBS LIVE

Jamie is currently planning to do a LIVE broadcast on 19th May at the U.K. Subs' gig at the Fleece in Bristol. With Demob and The Richard Heads in support this promises to be a great night for Subs fans worldwide. The last time Jamie attempted this (see 16/03/2012 news story below) he set up a webcam but didn't have time to do any pre-production or advertising.
Even so, the broadcast still attracted over 500 viewers to watch the show live.
Jamie is working on a couple of issues, and will be using multiple cameras including a crowd-cam. Utilising professional software to make all this happen and Jamie is confident he can get around 10,000 viewers this time.
So if you can't make the show you can tune in and watch online for FREE by going to Jamie's Facebook page and clicking the 'Ustream Live' button.
Saturday 19th May - 7.30pm
UK SUBS & Demob & The Richard Heads
Tune in LIVE at: www.facebook.com/jamieoliverdrums

The following appeared on the LATEST U.K. SUBS NEWS section of T&M:

  • 19/05/2012: Jamie runs live stream of the Subs gig

The U.K. Subs ran a live stream of their gig at the Fleece in Bristol tonight (see previous news story below 30/04/2012). Jamie is also looking to make the audio recording of the show available on iTunes.

Jamie had this to say about the live stream on his Facebook pages:

"I'm getting the proper audio from last night's show at the Fleece in Bristol, and I will sync it to the video from the live feed. So you will be able to see how it was supposed to have been. Still don't know why the feed wasn't working from the desk but it will be available for download for free on iTunes soon, details to follow..."


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Below: News story from the T&M Homepage:


'Louder Than War' reviews the UK Subs' recent Bristol gig: "It's time Charlie Harper got an MBE for services to punk rock." Read the full article, written by Simon Barton HERE



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