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Next album 'XXX' - Recording started today!

The UK Subs entered the recording studio today to start recording their much anticipated 'XXX' album. This will be the second album recorded by the long established line-up of Charlie, Jet, Alvin and Jamie. The band will once again be utilising the excellent Perry Vale Studios in south east London, which belongs to the original Vibrators bass player Pat Collier, who recorded and produced the critically acclaimed last UK Subs studio album 'Work In Progress'.

The new album will be the band's 16th studio album of new material and their 24th official album, all of which have been named in alphabetical order since their 'A' debut recorded just over 33 years ago! The picture to the right was taken by Yuko, and the two below by Jet. The first being Jet's final arrangements for new songs on his home PC, taken on 15th July, the day before entering the studio, and the second being from today, with the band setting up their gear in preperation.
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Time & Matter will keep you bang up to date with all the latest from the studio over the next couple of weeks whilst the band are recording their next album for Captain Oi! Records.



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