• U.K. Subs play the Empress Ballroom, Blackpool Rebellion Festival, England



Charlie Harper - vocals & harmonica

Jet - guitar

Alvin Gibbs - bass

Jamie Oliver - drums

Subs at Warwick Castle May 2012 - click to enlarge



The below photo was posted on Facebook by Jet with the following message:
"Thanks Rebellion Festival! It was another great one again and perfect way to finish our spring/summer tour. Here are 3 photos I took from the stage and put them together. Great crowd!"
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UK Subs extract archived below:

"As I said, it was the last night; now just a few hours left of Rebellion 2012 – with Rancid being tonight headliners people were openly discussing which bands they were hoping to catch and just quite how early you would have to get in to the Empress to ensure entry…we stayed put and therefore saw The UK Subs; Charlie and his crew are rightly legends – is it possible to find a nicer more engaging bloke on the entre punk circuit; maybe next year we could have a Rebellion comp TV Smith Vs Charlie Harper – Who Is the Friendliest? style competition. Anyway the Subs with Alvin Gibbs back in the line-up did what the Subs are acclaimed for doing – delivering a truly storming set, that visited all periods of their long career from “Warhead” to “W “. I’ve seen the Subs many many times, I reckon that they are currently enjoying one of their most fertile periods, they are playing with rekindled energy and were the ideal set up for Rancid."

By Phil Newall



UK Subs extract archived below:

"Charlie Harper laid on the Emotional Blackmail and we stayed put at the front for UK Subs, a band I’ve lost count on the number of time I’ve seen (first in 1987), and I have to say this is probably the tightest line up in a band who’ve had more members than albums, and they’ve released at least 55 albums!!
Charlie is screaming ‘Born a rocker, die a rocker’ – words very true to a genuine man. He no weekend punk! All this while Jet is giving it loads on guitar, the one who cements this line-up with the gusto it has sometimes lacked in the past. The set was recognisable from their 100 Club internet broadcast last week. Endangered Species – ‘We don’t blow ourselves to pieces,’ as relevant today as it was when it was written as fucking lunatics try to indiscriminately kill people in the name of god, allah or oil – this is chaos we call civilisation. Barbie’s Dead, Uncle Sam, Kicks, Tomorrows Girls, Warhead, Stranglehold. So many hits and great songs to choose from – no Keep On Running, Countdown, Party In Paris, Teenage, Perfect Girl, Telephone Numbers, She’s Not There, such is the size and quality of the Subs’ output. Not many encores at Rebellion… The UK Subs gave us CID, I Live In A Car, Twisted and the brilliant New York State Police. See you next year…"

By Neil Crud




Photos from this gig on Kim O'Brien's Flicker Pages Thanks Kim !


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