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Eugene and Charlie in the studio - click to enlargeOn 30 May 2013, Charlie laid down two vocal tracks for an album project jointly partnered at the helm by Chris Constantinou and Paul Frazer.
Chris is a former bass guitarist and backing singer with Adam Ant and more recently singer and bassist with The Wolfmen and Paul is guitarist with Subsource.
Together, they are making an all star Punk/Ska Album called 'Rhythm and Punk Review' which features different singers / guest musicians from the late 70s Punk and Ska scene.
Rat Scabies has played all the drums for the album and The Specials' horn section have played on some of the ska tracks. Singers already involved on the album are Neville Staples (The Specials), Knox (Vibrators), Texas Terri and Beki Bondage (Vice Squad). More Guests are due to be announced soon and the album will be out next year when there will be some one-off shows to promote the album, with plans being put in place to play London, Berlin, Paris, New York, L.A. and hopefully Japan.

Chris - click to enlargePaul - click to enlargeChris and Paul, who have written and played all the music on the forthcoming album are set to be known as THE MUTANTS, and they also have a record label lined up for this exciting release, which will be announced soon, once their new website goes live.

The track titles Charlie wrote will be announced at a later date too!
Paul and Chris sent the backing tracks to Charlie who then wrote the lyrics, prior to meeting up at what was the old Raezor studios in Wandsworth, where Charlie laid down his vocals in just under four hours. Eugene Butcher, editor of the fabulous Vive Le Rock magazine, provided some backing vocals along with Paul and Chris on Charlie's tracks.
Eugene and Charlie can be seen in the photo above top right.
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