The below postcard, sent from New York City whilst the band were on their first tour of the USA, was submitted to the T&M website by Marc Smith.

Postmarked 6th December 1979, this is a few days after the last known USA gig on the 2nd December 1979.

As you can see from the reverse of the postcard, there is no message, but "U.K. Subs" is written across the top in the handwriting of Paul Slack, who, along with Charlie, Nicky Garratt and Pete Davies have signed the card to send to U.K. Subs Fan Club member Marc Smith.

Marc's membership number (140) is written on the address label that the band must have either taken with them, or written from a list once in the USA.

It therefore appears that the band sent out a signed postcard to every Fan Club member.
A wonderful gesture.

If you also received one of these signed postcards then please send us a scan of yours to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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CoolCheers MarcCool