"Come on disease"

  • Above: The Roxy, London WC2 Box Set UK release, 2005, Box front & back.
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Cat. No: CMXBX1066
Label: Castle Music
Recorded: January to December 1977
Released: 2005


Track Listing:

Disc 5

B.I.C (sic) (Harper, Garratt)
I Couldn't Be You (Presley)
I Live In A Car (Harper, Lyons (sic), Garratt, Slack)
Tomorrow's Girls (Harper)
Stranglehold (Harper)
Illegal 15 (Harper, Garratt)
C.I.D. (Anderson, Harper)
No Rules (Victim) (Harper, Garratt)
Lady Esquire (Harper, Garratt)
Telephone Numbers (Harper,Garratt/Lyons (sic), Slack)
World War (Harper, Garratt)
Disease (Garrett, Harper)

Disc 6

Strange Boy (Blitz)
Smile And Wave Goodbye (Acme Sewage Co.)
Relics From The Past (Billy Karloff & The Goats)
I Live In A Car (U.K. Subs: Harper, Lyons (sic), Garratt, Slack)
Telephone Numbers (U.K. Subs:Harper, Garratt, Lyons (sic), Slack)
Get Yourself Killed (The Tickets)
Never Wanna Leave (The Red Lights)
Here Comes The Knife (XL5)
TV Drink (The Jets)
Sniper (The Streets)
Tough On You (Plastix)
Fun Fun Fun (The Bears)
Vertigo (Open Sore)
Lullabies Lie (The Crabs)


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Nicky Garratt
Bass: Steve Slack
Drums: Rory Lyons (sic)


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  • Above: CDs and slip cases, disc 5 & 6.
    Images courtesy of Kev Barksby


  • Above: Discs 1 to 4 covers.
    Images courtesy of Kev Barksby


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