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Cat. No: CLP 0271
Label: New Red Archives/Cleopatra
Recorded: Various
Released: 9th April 2013


Track Listing:

Disc 1
1. C.I.D.
2. Tomorrow’s (sic) Girls
3. Stranglehold
4. Teenage
5. Emotional Blackmail
6. Warhead
7. New York State Police
8. Party In Paris
9. Endangered Species
10. Down On The Farm
11. Shoot You Down
12. Countdown
13. Limo Life
14. Police State
15. Self Destruct
16. War Of The Roses
17. Holy Land
18. Motivator
19. Postcard From L.A.
20. Nobody Move
21. Riot
22. Rebel Radio
23. Preacher
24. House Of Cards
25. Lost Not Found
26. Music For The Deaf
27. Stay Away
28. I Need A Life (U.K. Subs vs. The Damned)

Disc 2 (DVD)
The 1979 documentary film starring UK Subs
Written & directed by Julien Temple

• Photo Gallery
• Nicky’s Memorabilia (a trip through UK Subs history with Nicky Garratt)


Line Up

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'Essentially' a reissue of Before You Were Punk and Punk Can Take It on New Red Archives following its merger with Cleopatra, who had previously released both of these titles, the cd coming out on their subsidiary label Anarchy Music.


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