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  • Above: Universal Canadian CD release, 2002, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: BPR-002
Label: Burnout Productions
Recorded: January/February 2002
Released: 2002

Track Listing:

Disc 1: Universal
Last Man Standing (Harper)
Soho (Harper, Campbell)
Spoils Of War (Harper, Rankin)
3RD World England (Harper, Rankin)
Universal (Harper)
Hollywood (Harper)
The Dark, song for Rassle (Harper, Rankin)
Fragile (Harper, Rankin)
White Lie (Jason Dulldrums)
Don't Blame Islam (Harper, Campbell)
Cross Fire (Harper)
Papers Lie (Harper, Rankin)
Custody (Harper, Dulldrums)
Devolution (Harper, Campbell)
On My Way (Not credited)

Disc 2: The Borderline 22/12/00
I Couldn't Be You
I Live In A Car
Emotional Blackmail
Endangered Species
Organised Crime
Tomorrow's Girls
Party In Paris
Crash Course
Limo Life
New York State Police
Punk Rock


Line Up


Vocals/Harmonica: Charlie Harper
Guitar/Backing Vocals: Alan Campbell
Bass/Backing Vocals: Simon Rankin
Drums/Backing Vocals: Jason Dulldrums (Willer)

The Borderline:

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Alan Campbell
Guitar: Rankin Simon (sic)
Bass: Brian Barnes
Drums: Pumpy


Disc two also came with initial UK release of Universal with its own catalogue number AHOYCD204B


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Disc 1  Disc 2

  • Above: CD 1 & 2

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