"Party in Belfast"

PUNKERAMA 001 front cover PUNKERAMA 001 back cover

  • Above: A BLAST IN BELFAST UK CD release, 2010, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: PUNKERAMA 001
Label: Punkerama Records
Recorded: 6th March 1998
Released: 2010

Track Listing:

I Couldn't Be You
I Live In A Car
UK Subversives
Telephone Numbers
Barbie's Dead
You Don't Belong
Emotional Blackmail
Endangered Species
Fear Of Girls
Organised (sic)
Tomorow's Girls
Limolife (sic)
New Barbarians
Crash Course
New York State Police
Party In Belfast (sic)

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Alan Campbell
Bass: Andy
Drums: Gary Baldy


Gary Fahy from Punkerama records emailed us with the following information about the release;

"This was originaly called Live in the Warzone. As it was a great live album done by my friend Mero on Rejected Records. I think Colin from Runnin Riot and myself had paid to put the gig on, so it was a special night.
The Subs hadn't been in Belfast for 20 years or so, so old farts like me were well lookin forward to it.
So as happens the CD came out. I had got to know Charlie and the guys and had them over a couple of times after that. I was never happy with the sleeve so when I decided to start my label i wanted to do this in a different sleve. So I did, and changed the title. But the main aim is to do it on vinyl with a free 7" on coloured vinyl, it will only be 300 copies.
The guys on the back from left to right are Billy Riot from Hardcase, a belfast band. Charlie and me, Gary Fahy. The disc has pics of my wife Anna, my sons Rowan and Corbin, and my daughter Jaime. So I look forward to doin it on vinyl in near future. I thank Charlie, Nicky and Alvin for their friendship and my love of the band is always in my heart. Love you guys Gary Fahy. There are no overdubs on this album, it is pure sound of the gig, and what a night it was!"

Thanks Gary, we look forward to the vinyl copy's release.

Vinyl release can be viewed HERE



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