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U.K. Subs drummer Jamie Oliver drums on Italian band Clan Bastardo's new track 'Ancora Brucia' which came out on iTunes today. He also appears in the superb video which you can enjoy below this news story...
Jamie told T&M that he "...did their whole album as a remote session and we filmed the video in Italy in a big swanky house with the girls from Pyrohex, who are a fire group..."
The band recorded the album in Italy and Jamie recorded the drums "remotely" in Nuneaton, UK.
The album is due out on This is Core Label/Fusa Records soon, and is the first to come out with Jamie's drums being recorded this way, although, the indefatiguable Mr Oliver has also done a few other sessions, of which T&M will bring you more news soon.

Pino Di Guglielmo of Clan Bastardo further told T&M that the album is "...released only in the digital format for now, but will be released on CD and vinyl in September. The video will be out on the Italian music TV channel in September and we'll record another two videos after the summer. In South America - especially in Brazil - lots of promotion has already started. Cheers from Italy!"

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