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U.K. Subs drummer Jamie Oliver recently made a video (on scientific grounds!) to see what would happen to his drumming after numerous alcoholic drinks were imbibed at regular intervals over one whole day. As Jamie states on his YouTube video (which you can watch below): "I went to the Crew, Nuneaton to experiment and scientifically prove that if you get utterly wasted before a gig, you're going to play like a proper bellend! During the 24 hours from when I started drinking I managed to drink 23 snakebites, 6 Jager bombs, 3 Absynthes, 2 Jack Daniels and cokes, 1 vodka and coke and 1 demented!
Thanks to the Crew and my mates for the aid..."
The results are both hilarious and alarming!
Credits: intro and outro music by Skor Unknown.

This is the first of many new videos Jamie plans, as part of his new Drum Chum website - which is linked HERE