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There is a great interview with Charlie that has recently been published in Discussions Magazine, entitled 'Rebellion Songs: An EXCLUSIVE interview with U.K. SUBS’ Charlie Harper'.
The interview is by Stephen SPAZ Schnee
"I was exposed to all those old Blues guys. You know, Muddy Waters, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Howlin’ Wolf… I saw ‘em all live and they were just amazing gentlemen and to me, that was the thing – to dedicate your whole life to play music..."

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The Subs have recently received as gifts some bespoke 'Yellow Leader' converse shoes as pictured below...
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Photo: Heather Grayson
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'YELLOW LEADER' - new vinyl re-press OUT NOW


It’s June 1st – It’s YELLOW LEADER DAY!
The third pressing of the critically acclaimed latest U.K. Subs album YELLOW LEADER is now available to order from Captain Oi! Records and comes with a 4 Track EP (proper vinyl – not flexi) which is limited to THIS PRESSING ONLY!
Both the LP and the 7″ are striped tri-colour vinyl of RED, YELLOW and BLUE.
Following the incredible sold out success of the yellow and red vinyl pressings of 'Yellow Leader' and taking on comments from both fans and stores alike, Captain Oi! decided that the third pressing should be 500 copies rather than the normal 250.
Captain Oi! also gave over a month's notice that this was on sale TODAY – so hopefully no-one will miss out this time...
This package looks amazing and it’s great that the entire album is now available on vinyl. Enjoy!


Also available via Amazon - click here

All the previous 'Yellow Leader' news stories archived HERE

 7" single artwork...
Time & Matter can exclusively reveal the artwork for the 7" single EP which comes with the new re-pressing of 'Yellow Leader'...
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Update to below re-press story - 7" Test Pressings arrive...

The Test pressings have arrived at Captain Oi! Records' HQ for the free single...
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'Yellow Leader' - New Vinyl re-press

Captain Oi! Records have today issued their latest newsletter containing exciting news of their next re-press of the 'Yellow Leader' LP...
"UK SUBS "Yellow Leader" - VINYL REPRESS
Following the incredible Sold Out success of the yellow and red vinyl pressings of “Yellow Leader” we’ve decided to do a further vinyl pressing of this brilliant album.
Taking on board comments from both fans and stores alike we’ve decided to do a 500 copy pressing rather than the normal 250 and this time they will come in a striped tri colour of red, yellow and blue vinyl! Not only that but we will also be doing a 4 track vinyl (not flexi) “Y” EP to go with the album which will feature the songs not included on the vinyl version of “Yellow Leader” due to time restrictions namely “Rebellion Song”, ”Archaeology”, “611”and “Sin City Blues”.
And to ensure that everyone knows about the release before it comes out (and not after it’s sold out!) we can announce a release date of June 1st 2015. Make sure you mark that day in your diaries and don’t give us an excuse of “I was washing my hair when the announcement was made and I’ve missed out!” or “I haven’t checked my email for a week and didn’t see the posting!”
500 TRI COLOUR VINYL pressing complete with TRI COLOUR 4 track VINYL EP
WE DON'T DO 'PRE ORDERS'  - so stick the date in your diary and you'll be able to order from us and Amazon on 1st June.
Consider yourself told!"
'GE 138' has reviewed the new Subs album on the website ("a web zine about the Las Vegas Punk Rock Music Scene")
"...the U.K. Subs are one of those Legendary bands that deserve every accolade and word of praised heaped upon them, Lord knows they've earned it."
Read the full review HERE
Full review also archived on T&M below:
U.K. Subs - Yellow Leader
Written by GE 138.
ha ha ha ha ha You gotta love the fact that the U.K. Subs have carried on with an idea that at the time 40 years ago seemed almost impossible to live up to but here it is, years later, and the U.K. Subs have lived up to their promise to release an album that starts with every letter of the alphabet, starting off with 1979's Another Kind Of Blues, and carrying on right up to this years 'Y' release, Yellow Leader. Can't wait to see what their next 'Z' release is going to be... lol Gawd bless ya Charlie Harper! 70 years young and still carrying on with it. Brilliant!! Anyways, this latest release from this seminal British Punk band sounds just as good as 2013's XXIV, same people playing on it might have something to do with that, and the band is more melodic than angry nowadays, as most songs on here are real hooky, big shouted out choruses, played at a leisurely pace that befits a gentleman of Mr. Harper's age, although a few songs like Heathens and Sick Velveteen pick things up to a pretty fast PFR pace. And just let me be the first to say how great Charlie's voice sounds. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for that ol' geezer, and he sounds in tip-top shape on here. Guitar work is pretty good too, nothing mind blowing, nice tone, and the bass thuds and rumbles and punctuates everything as it should. The U.K. Subs have never been a band to have a flashy Drummer, and the kid playing on this album is a real, sit in the pocket kind of guy. Not a bad thing, it's just what it is. Some pretty good songs on here - Prime Evil, Chemical, all the songs I already mentioned, and I could of done without the Beardcore song though (Rebellion Song) - just saying. ;-) Yeah, the U.K. Subs are one of those Legendary bands that deserve every accolade and word of praised heaped upon them, Lord knows they've earned it, and although Yellow Leader isn't the best album they've ever done, it's certainly not the worst one they've ever done either. Big cheers to the U.K. Subs for being the incredible institution and make sure you see them when they play The Dive bar on June 13th with The Civilians. Woo Hoo!! 
Available from Captain Oi Records, which you can go to by clicking here. You can purchase the album from them by clicking here. The colored vinyl is selling out as fast as they can press them up, so grab one if you get the chance. It's also available digitally on iTunes by clicking here. It's also available on Amazon by clicking here. "Like" the U.K. Subs on Facebook by clicking here.

Another Top Review for 'Yellow Leader'

The excellent, and long running fanzine 'Fear & Loathing' has given the new U.K. Subs album another positive review...
"...This line-up has been stable for quite some time and I think that’s the key to it. They’re confident in a way that bands can only become when they really get to know each other and have confidence in their mutual capabilities."
Read the full review HERE
Full review also archived on T&M below:
UK SUBS. Yellow Leader CD (Captain Oi!) 
Almost at the end of their alphabetical quest, the Subs release an album that, in some ways, veers away from their classic sound, but still maintains their impetus and attitude. There’s a much more varied production on this album, giving Charlie an opportunity to really stretch his vocal range, while the band are adventurous and diverse with the styles they deliver in the songs. There’s a generally heavier sound throughout the album, but always very much from a Punk perspective rather than going down the metal road. This line-up has been stable for quite some time and I think that’s the key to it. They’re confident in a way that bands can only become when they really get to know each other and have confidence in their mutual capabilities. Opening tracks ‘Sick Velveteen’ and ‘Artificial’ take the types of songs originally heard on ‘Brand New Age’ but twist them in different directions, while ‘Feed The Whore’ and ‘Prime Evil’ visit hard rock territory. Supposedly a taboo in Punk circles, but on this album it’s just one more dimension. ‘Heathens’ and ‘Cry Wolf’ take a more hardcore approach, and then ‘Rebellion Song’ turns out to be a folk / protest anthem. ‘Archaeology’ is beyond doubt the most experimental track on the whole album, presenting a peculiar slice of sci-fi jazz, before the instrumental ‘611’ delivers a great rock’n’roll finale to the proceedings. You know, there was a time when a new UK Subs record was nothing to get excited about, but nowadays, with this line-up, they’re once again a force to be reckoned with. I’m really glad to be able to say that !

'Record Collector' review of 'Yellow Leader'

In the latest issue of the long running Record Collector magazine, issue 439, dated April 2015, there is another excellent review for the new U.K. Subs album 'Yellow Leader'.
This time the review is written by ex-Vice Squad drummer and regular Record Collector contributor Shane Baldwin.
Shane has given the album a rating of 4 out of 5.

"The current line-up... is long settled and in peak condition... there's a refreshing variation in tone and feel... Roll on "Z"!..."

Click on the image right to read the full review...



Yet another great review of 'Yellow Leader'

The ever readable, captivating and challenging Fungalpunk website has inevitably reviewed the new Subs album...
"...another effective explosion from the UK Subs, a band I adore and one that I have kept tabs on since the 70's and have thoroughly enjoyed the ride with.  This... ...emphasises that the band have still got it, keep the passion raging and are still liable to keep you excited and enthused as much as ever."
Read the full review HERE
Full review also archived on T&M below:
The years have flown by, the highs and lows taken and overcome with a resolute focus that has seen many fall by the wayside but the machine that is the UK Subs rock forth.  I remember chatting to the leader of the pack, one Charlie Harper, many years back about whether or not the band would ever complete their journey of alphabetical releases or would time deal them a cruel blow and bring about an abrupt termination.  A wry smile, a glint in the peeper and I was assured that there was no rush and the book-like journey would have a full compliment of sonic chapters done all in good punky time.  All these years on and we are now turning the page to part 'Y' with 'Yellow Leader' the latest effort and one, as of writing, is being gushed over by old stalwarts and modernised fans as well as many new band wagon comrades on a cheap trip to 'Popularville'.  Having grown with the developing tunes and seen some distinct hits and some veritable shits along the way I take this one in my stride and as an ardent Subs fan I go in shaking free any crappy bias and slanted subjectivity - it would be rude not to.  So in for a penny, in for a pound (£12.99 in fact) and I do my bit with reputation up for a ragging, pass me the skin thickener please - again!
The commencement comes via 'Sick Velveteen', a song with a rugged bass driven start until a pause comes, the main thread is caught and the first globule of vocality is spat into your face.  Nasally mouthed off with a radioed edge, guitars sprung and under control as well as the skins which are uniform and stung to attention when necessary this, however way you look at it, is a primarily bass driven number and one, that for me at least, doesn't get the CD off to the most exciting of starts.  It is a tight and efficient number with usual Sub-oid essences but I expected more and indeed needed more - we are at the penultimate album stage here and all hands to the deck with a 'what the heck' it should be - hey ho.  'Artificial Intelligence' pursues and in some ways poses a question of the advantage of being a created being without emotion or inflicted bias.  A nice viewpoint to take with the song easily picked up on and joined in with.  The structure, for the most part, is traditionally basic and has an echoed methodology that rises from the rhythmic substrate.  Between tamed verses come energising musical interludes that awaken the senses with the familiar Subsy textures and nuances.  Again it ain't the most exciting and original outburst you'll hear and falls in-line with many predecessors and, in fact, goes on a little too long but it warms the cockles of any old fan and gets away with its tidy delivery.  The closing tear up keeps us on our toes - a good thing.
More cultured and erudite wordage comes via the minor gem known as 'Bordeaux Red', a smart song that twists its serpentine ass in many ways and weaves an anti-war tale in impressive style.  The musicians are kept alert and pull out many episodes of angularity with drums called upon to move in many ways so as to keep the architecture of the song appealing.  A fully rocked up exponent offering with the procedure dodging application well received and applauded and stinking of more punk rock ethos than you may give it credit for.  A thinking man's product, not a stinking mans piss patch!  'Chemical' cuts out a deliberate furrow via the opening bars before the vocals dreamily infuse the mix with a far away, sub-psychedelic feeling that swirls the set palette, even more so through the chorus.  Drugged up zombification seems the intent amidst a chuggery that is mechanised and unyielding and I reckon the target aimed for is struck with capable accuracy.  Not the most thrilling track in my opinion and one that is not saved by the guitar wank off, reliable rhythm and by being the predecessor to the fine typical spillage known as 'Deconstruct'.  This is one of the reasons many of us are Subs fans, a cut out example of what the underlying vibe is that turns us on.  It is a product that has an acoustic catch-line that has been well and truly flogged over the years but never so impressively as the way the Subs do it.  The stated and raved wordage comes with flaring nostrils borne of ill temper and the pounding backdrop of sound is emphasised by a tribal drumbeat that will get our most primitive pogofied passions pulsating.  It is a terse offering, donates nothing original and never intends to but, what a decent bout of basic blasting it is.  The counterpunch is the slower and drawling 'Diatribe', a textured tune with a trilling undercore between regulated pulses that wear a total belt of safety that keeps all areas in secured check.  A melodic massage is given with a comfortable balance of all tonality throughout and the band members keep themselves very much in check and tidily solid.  A sweet trickle of a tune with a gentle nudge in the nadgers of the propagandist throwbacks (many of em' about tha' knows).
So the first set of 6 done and a hit and slightly miss affair but very much injected with familiar strains and sonic suggestions that will turn on the converted and the ones peeking in for the first time.
A nice fistful of 6 next and we open with the gratuitously entitled 'Feed The Whore', a metallic spasm wank of uneven wayfaring with free flowing infecting lyrics pouring from an open wound and causing much consternation no doubt.  A very 'anti' song crawling along on defiant knees against the stampeding hoards who have heads screwed on backwards, eyes focused on self-need and desires not contributing one iota of goodness to the world in general.  A dogged and defiant construct, an opposing piece and one I find quite worthwhile.  'Heathens' is a rib-rattling affair with a vicious anti-religion attack that, like most of these songs, mentions Christ but omits Allah, Buddah, Shiva, Vishnu, Shakti and other Gods - come now, let us have balance and not fear!  The effort is a storming disjointed tear-up and a rally call to many non-believers to start to oneself.  From the Tommy Gun mow down commencement through the consistent rage and rip up and toss hammering this one pummels the guts without thought for procedure and orthodox routine - I like that.  'Prime Evil blazes the set trail with a spiralling construct that twists through the innards, probes about and causes a melodic malaise that takes a trifle adjustment of the zoning lugs.  Tempestuous, perturbed, skewed and rhythmically tetchy this throws the CD off balance and is one of those moments to get the nerve endings nettled - like many I reckon this will be enjoyed when the mood is right and slammed off when the head is awry!  The same can't be said of the classic 'Rebellion Song, an effort I have recently reviewed on an Urban Dogs release and one that still has me convinced.  If you haven't read the review of the aforementioned Dogs CD then tough shite - I ain't repeating myself but I will reiterate that this is an acoustic gem.
On a fair roll I continue with fingertips flashing and earholes ringing with 'Sin City Blues', 'Slave', 'Big Bug' and 'Suicidal Girl' all bound together in a big meaty morsel of assessing goodness - oh ye overfed twats!  The first song of nutritious noise is a well hung rockin' dude with a well swung member of melody and big pendulous testes of ravenous relish thriving with life and buzzing with Harmonica assisted fervour. The buzz of the song is agreeable and only surpassed by the chasing ditties voracious vocal style that gobbles up all in its path and thrives further due to the marauding intent of sound and the hectic, epileptic savagery that throws huge haymaking lines at the traffickers of people and who delight at the shackling of others - cunts!  An excellent boom completing a rewarding duo of dinnage with the third track, 'Big Bug', changing tack, being soaked in lovey dovey leanings and despite having much sonic strength not really grappling me to the floor and forcing a submission of appreciation.  The lyrics are a bit weak, the delivery a bit slushy and the whole construct just doesn't tickle the emotive spot sought - a personal slant as per, agree or disagree at your leisure, I gotta go take my own honest route.  'Suicidal Girl' closes the quartet with an open, earthy and transparent hunk of beefy riffage that cuts a dash in established customary fashion with verses shouted and stated and choruses as simple as can be and just keeping the impetus going.  A musical interlude, a hop back on track and done - clean as a whistle.
Striding forth to the impending finale with 'Virus' infecting the way with its spores of doom uncontrollably rampaging through provinces of decency and neighbourhoods of less aggressive noise-making.  A real stink kicking assault that comes at you like the ancient pugilistic terror Harry Greb', otherwise known as 'The Pittsburgh Windmill', an all action fighter who was carved with unpredictability and had a swarming style that kept one reeling.  The same can be said of the hard slamming chaser 'Cry Wolf', another very animated piece of dinnage that pulverises with activity and consumes with unyielding greed.  Harper gobs off with is usual lungful of spirit whilst his accomplished cohorts cacophonise the acoustic arena after setting up power lunges behind wham bam jabs that get the attention just prior to the all out blitz.  Flurries are frequent, set up straight armed slammers subtly thrown in - the end result is a demanding song that works you over and leaves a bruising impression.  Out of sync next for a ghostly drift of misty tones and coffee table cruising with a necrophiliac’s treat smouldering slowly and emitting an incensed aroma of dreamy sinisterism.  The overall feel may appear comforting but the subject matter is far from it - an odd moment but worthy of its place due to the angularity it offers.  The unexpected cut off is a mistake though and a drift out and then a rise to the following instrumental burst would have been far better.  '611' is a high flying closure that would have opened the CD in glorious style too (worth a thought for the next one) and with all players firing hard this is an ideal way to punctuate a solid CD - choice.
So there we go, another effective explosion from the UK Subs, a band I adore and one that I have kept tabs on since the 70's and have thoroughly enjoyed the ride with.  This hasn't had me in a state of untold gushing, it isn't the bands best release but, at such a late stage in proceedings, it emphasises that the band have still got it, keep the passion raging and are still liable to keep you excited and enthused as much as ever.  A few lows, many highs, a personal viewpoint and no fuckin' lies - as Fungalised as you like and if in fact you don't like your fuckin' own review you lazy twats!



'Yellow Leader' in Green Left Weekly top 10 political albums

GREEN LEFT WEEKLY - grassroots media reporting on environment, social justice, peace and worker's rights, who's motto is 'The only way to overcome poverty is to give power to the poor' have made the new U.K. Subs album 'Yellow Leader' one of 10 new political albums worth listening to!

The U.K. Subs' fantastic new studio album is placed at number 3 on their top 10 list which you can read more about on THIS LINK

The Subs' write up is also archived below:

The encroaching evil of technology was also highlighted by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who warned towards the end of the month that "the future is scary and very bad for people". He joins an unlikely bunch of tech boffins and billionaires - from scientist Steven Hawking and Microsoft founder Bill Gates to PayPal chief Elon Musk - who have been ringing alarm buzzers about the grave threat to humans from artificial intelligence. Just days before Wozniak's warning, British punk veterans UK Subs released Yellow Leader, the penultimate installment in their alphabetically-titled album series. The critically-acclaimed 18-track opus features the track "Artificial", which spits: "Artificial intelligence, robotic dream. Artificial intelligence, future scheme. Artificial intelligence, she's magnificent. Artificial intelligence, omnipotent." As leftist author Terry Pratchett, who died this month, pithily put it: "Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time."


Yellow Leader red vinyl package sells out in 6 hours

The latest version of Yellow Leader, a red vinyl and red flexi disc version was announced via the Captain Oi! newsletter this morning, and within 6 hours it had sold out...

The following text is from the Captain Oi! website

(Gatefold Red Vinyl Collectors Package)
RED FLEXI DISC with silver foil stamp
Vinyl version of the UK SUBS studio album YELLOW LEADER.
Smooth, high gloss Gatefold packaging with a luxury rounded corner inner bag containing the lyrics.
RED VINYL which is strictly LIMITED TO 250 copies.
Includes 2 Track silver foil stamped, RED FLEXI DISC. 
Note - Previous pressing was on YELLOW VINYL and included a YELLOW flexi disc, limited to 250. We will NOT be repressing any other Flexi Discs once this pressing sells out.


@Stijntsje is Gek! Blog review of 'Yellow Leader'

The @Stijntsje is gek! blogsite has posted a review of 'Yellow Leader'
Please contact T&M if you can provide a translation of the below
(Original review link - click here)
UK Subs - Yellow Leader (Album)
Het 25e studio-album van de UK Subs, en dat betekent dat de heren zijn aangeland bij de letter Y in het alfabet. De onvermoeibare frontman Charlie Harper, inmiddels 70 jaar oud, is het enige bandlid dat nog over is van de originele bezetting, al mag bassist Alvin Gibbs ook een veteraan worden genoemd. Hij maakt al sinds de vierde plaat Diminished Responsibility (de letter D) deel van de band uit. De overige twee leden, de uit Japan afkomstige gitarist Jet en drummer Jamie Oliver (nee, niet díe Jamie Oliver) hebben zich pas recenter bij de groep gevoegd. En naast de passie van Harper is het vooral het organisatietalent van Jet wat de band gaande houdt. Ieder jaar wordt er intensief getoerd langs zelfs de meest obscure punktenten van Europa en iedere twee jaar is er een nieuw album. En vooral de laatste jaren zijn dat albums waar de band zich absoluut niet voor hoeft te schamen. Work In Progress (W) en XXIV (X) waren krachtige albums van een band die nog lang niet was uitgeblust, en ook op Yellow Leader zit de sleet er nog bepaald niet in.
Integendeel zelfs, want deze plaat, die overigens voorzien is van een bijzonder fraaie, op Roy Liechtenstein geïnspireerde pop art-hoes, verschilt wezenlijk van zijn voorgangers. Er staan namelijk niet alleen maar stug doorraggende motorpunkstampers op. Hier en daar wordt het tempo ook wel eens teruggeschroefd en is er ruimte voor een paar midtempo motorpunkstampers. Diatribe, Feed The Whore, het volledig akoestische Rebellion Song en het bijna jazzy Archaeology zijn daar goede voorbeelden van, en ze zorgen voor welkome rustpunten tussen het betere beukwerk van Artificial, Heathens of Suicidal Girl, om maar een paar willekeurige hoogtepunten te noemen. Natuurlijk mag bassist Gibbs ook weer een nummertje zingen. Dit keer heet het Bordeaux Red en zoals gewoonlijk kunnen we dat nummertje maar beter overslaan. Maar verder bewijzen de Subs op Yellow Leader opnieuw dat ze nog lang niet klaar zijn voor het bejaardenhuis. Respect.


Polish Blog review of 'Yellow Leader'

This time it's Sylwester Zimon on his Polish language blogsite:
Sylwester provided T&M with a 'rough' translation of his review as follows:
Conceived by UK Subs in 1976, the plan is slowly coming to an end. The band decided to record a records whose names will start with the next letter of the alphabet. Two years ago, british punk rockers issued a "XXIV" and now came the "Yellow Leader" - twenty-fifth album in the UK SUBS discography. Is thus only one of the letter to be filled. I hope that Charlie Harper, who has already exceeded seventy, could do it.
Despite the fact that time is running out, and the plan is incomplete UK Subs not go the easy way. On the "XXIV" We had 26 songs, and on the "Yellow Leader" we also have a generous portion of the 18 new songs. That's a lot!
The first thing that strikes the ears after listening to the new album Harper's team is the lack of obvious melodic punk rock hits schemes, which appeared on the last two discs. "Yellow Leader" holds by far closer than the term punk than rock. Are also less blues licks. So what is the new Subs album? First of all, Alvin Gibbs bass dropped the leash and served to the audience some interesting licks. The guys lowered the pace a bit punks individual tracks. UK Subs not play quite as fast as in "Another kind of blues" or "Brand new age", but I hear it's still the same distinctive style. Importantly, the UK Subs not serve steak odgrzewanego. The band still has ideas for simple, punk rock, classical numbers that do not sound like clones melancholy and cashing in your legend. Maybe it is the frequent changes in the composition, although the current game already with him nearly a decade, what you see, hear and feel. Perform well as vocals Charlie Harper. Harper has always sung straight, without long notes and draw up, for it still sounds convincing and good. Punk rock keep him going well.
Despite years of playing and issued 25 official albums, UK Subs are still able to pass necessary energy. Both on board and at concerts. Just have a look at live video with a bit of "Suicidal girl" from the new album. 25th album in the discography UK Subs is an nice and successful album, but for UK Subs falls just decent. I hope that the "Z" will be an epic culmination of punk rock legend discography. And at this moment, still my favorite album UK Subs remains "Quintessentials" from 1997."

You can read the original review HERE
Sylwester's review is also archived below:
"Recenzja: UK Subs "Yellow Leader" - punk rock od A do Y
Powzięty przez UK Subs w 1976 roku plan powoli dobiega końca. Zespół postanowił nagrywać płyty, których nazwy będą zaczynać się na kolejne litery alfabetu. Równe dwa lata temu Anglicy wydali „XXIV”, a teraz przyszła kolej na „Yellow Leader” – dwudziestą piątą płytę w dyskografii UK Subs. Zostaje więc tylko jedna literka do obsadzenia. Mam nadzieję, że Charlie Harper, który przekroczył już siedemdziesiątkę, da radę. Nie wybiegajmy jednak w przyszłość i  wróćmy do litery „Y”.
Pomimo tego, że czas ucieka, a plan jest niedokończony UK Subs nie idą na łatwiznę. Na „XXIV” mieliśmy 26 kawałków, a na „Yellow Leader” również mamy szczodrą porcję nowych numerów w liczbie 18. Sporo! Tym razem obyło się bez akustycznych bonusów, więc nie ma ściemniania.
Pierwsze, co rzuca się w uszy po przesłuchaniu nowego albumu ekipy Harpera to brak ewidentnych osadzonych na melodyjnych punk rockowych schematach hiciorów, które pojawiały się na dwóch ostatnich krążkach. „Yellow Leader” trzyma się zdecydowanie bliżej terminu punk niż rock. Mniej tu także bluesowych zagrywek. Jaki jest więc nowy krążek Subsów? Przede wszystkim Alvin Gibbs spuścił bas ze smyczy i zaserwował słuchaczom parę ciekawych zagrywek. Oprócz tego, panowie punkowie zwolnili nieco tempo poszczególnych utworów. UK Subs nie gra już tak żwawo jak na „Another kind of blues” czy „Brand new age”, ale słychać, że to wciąż ten sam charakterystyczny styl. Co ważne, UK Subs nie serwują odgrzewanego kotleta. Kapela wciąż ma pomysły na proste, punk rockowe, klasyczne numery, które nie brzmią jak smętne klony i odcinanie kuponów ze swojej legendy. Może to kwestia częstych zmian składu, chociaż obecny gra już ze sobą niemal dziesięć lat, co widać, słychać i czuć. Dobrze wypadają także wokale Charliego Harpera. Harper zawsze śpiewał prosto, bez długich dźwięków i wyciągania gór, przez to wciąż brzmi przekonująco i daje sobie radę. Zresztą nie od dziś wiadomo, że punk rock konserwuje.
Pomimo lat grania na karku i 25 wydanych oficjalnych albumów, UK Subs wciąż potrafią przekazać niezbędną dla punk rocka energią. Zarówno na płycie jak i na koncertach. Wystarczy rzucić okiem na koncertowe video z kawałkiem „Suicidal girl” z nowego albumu. 25 płyta w dyskografii UK Subs jest albumem równym, udanym, ale jak na UK Subs wypada po prostu przyzwoicie. Mam nadzieję, że „Z” będzie epickim zwieńczeniem dyskografii punk rockowej legendy. A na ten moment, w dalszym ciągu moją ulubioną płytą UK Subs pozostaje „Quintessentials” z 1997 roku."

Yet another fabulous review of 'Yellow Leader'

In the latest issue of Vive Le Rock magazine, issue 25, there is another massive thumbs up for the new album 'Yellow Leader'.
The review is by Dick Porter, who has given the album a rating of 9 out of 10.

"Yellow Leader gives us 18 more reasons why the Subs remain vital. I guess they're just going to have to start on numbers when they get to the end of the alphabet."

Click on the image right to read the full review...

Another Amazing review of 'Yellow Leader'

This time it's Kevin McGowan who absolutely loves the new Subs album, with his stunning appraisal of 'Yellow Leader' on 'The Revue' website:
"This version of the band has been playing together consistently for a decade, and the relationship makes all the difference. Charlie has been there since 1976. Alvin Gibbs was an original Sub, but took a few extended breaks over the years. Jet is the best guitarist they’ve ever had, and Jamie Oliver is an extraordinary skin-pounder. This band is road tested, and the production on this album is slick without being too glossy.
Yellow Leader is strong, tough, melodic, and shows a tremendous amount of growth. It still snarls and kicks like any great punk album, but they show a dynamism in playing that lacked on their earliest efforts. Check “Bordeaux Red” for a nice melodic shift, a little more down-tempo. But tracks like “Suicidal Girl” or album opener “Velveteen” tear you apart with their tough attack..."
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Full review archived on T&M below:


UK Subs – “Yellow Leader”
by Kevin McGowan
Released in February 2015, Yellow Leader is UK Subs‘ umpteenth album. This is a band who have had more releases than any of their contemporaries and have stuck around longer than most of them as well. Only their UK cousins Buzzcocks have also remained from that first wave of late 70s British punk rock, but the UK Subs are the only band who have been around the whole time.
When they started and released album #1 (Another Kind of Blues, 1979), leader/vocalist Charlie Harper said he wanted to release enough albums that each could have a title from a different letter in the alphabet. How many took this seriously? Who knows…but 35 years and countless tours, singles, members, and labels later…he’s finally hit Y. That’s 25 proper albums, plus a wide assortment of collections, live albums, archive releases, etc. It’s not hard to find UK Subs albums out there with so many available.
The quality hasn’t always been 100%, mind you. From the late 1980s through to early 2000s, the albums were pretty mixed, but it’s hard to be consistent when you’re getting new guitar players and drummers every few months. Their most recent albums have been setting the bar very high. This version of the band has been playing together consistently for a decade, and the relationship makes all the difference. Charlie Harper (vocals) has been there since 1976. Alvin Gibbs (bass) was an original Sub, but took a few extended breaks over the years. Jet is the best guitarist they’ve ever had, and Jamie Oliver is an extraordinary skin-pounder. This band is road tested, and the production on this album is slick without being too glossy.
Yellow Leader is strong, tough, melodic, and shows a tremendous amount of growth. It still snarls and kicks like any great punk album, but they show a dynamism in playing that lacked on their earliest efforts. Check “Bordeaux Red” for a nice melodic shift, a little more down-tempo. But tracks like “Suicidal Girl” or album opener “Velveteen” tear you apart with their tough attack.
Only available on CD currently, you can pick it up at the Captain Oi! Shop, iTunes, and Amazon. They tour regularly all over Europe, so check their dates on the main UK Subs site or on Facebook. You can also follow on Twitter and Jet is on there, too!

Skrutt Magazine review of 'Yellow Leader'

Peter Thorsson from Skrutt Magazine has reviewed the new album - it is archived below.
Now the group has come from A to Y, and I hope this does not last disc is the next Z to take the Swedish letters Å Ä Ö well. 18 songs by 70-year-old Charlie Harper in the forefront and it's impressive that it does not show any signs of aging on him. There is no doubt about it when he is involved, it is always good punk involved when he is led on disks, etc. The new songs may not hold the same high standard as the early songs, but it's not far away and a few more years and they are classics too. I like their heavy sound that they have been given to many of the songs but it is still very typical Subs sound on them. Who said that punk is a youthful rebellion, Charlie shows that soon we can fill 71 and be more punk than most others. Would compare to something you can not because his voice is so distinctive as it is. No weary faces here not without this we're talking vital punk. 4/3-2015

Great Review of 'Yellow Leader' on 'Louder Than War' website

Martin Haslam has given the new Subs album a listen and loves it!
"...While Charlie Harper should be cherished for his dedication to his muse, this is very much a band effort and all the stronger for it..."
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Full review archived on T&M below:
UK Subs: Yellow Leader – album review
Written by Martin Haslam1 March, 2015
UK Subs – Yellow Leader (Captain Oi! Records)
CD / LP / picture disc LP / DL - Out Now
Charlie Harper’s UK Subs continue their punk renaissance with scorching, uncompromising new album. 
I have to admit, I’ve always been in two minds about the U.K Subs. Clearly, they’ve written some great tunes over the years, and while some bands weather numerous line-up changes, others seem to have a ‘carry on regardless of quality’ approach. To my shame, I’ve never actually bought a Subs album before; they were the kind of band that I’d borrow from mates, dip in and out, then forget about for a while.
Over the years though, what has been apparent is Charlie Harper’s commitment to making new music, with scant regard for anyone’s approval; he does what he likes. Rightly so. The current line up have been together for seven years and, crucially, have now made three great albums in a row. Not being a rabid Subs fan gives me some objectivity to listen to their new releases reasonably impartially.
Yellow Leader (out now on Captain Oi! Records) sees the band one letter away from their completion of alphabetical studio albums. Who would have dared predict that thirty years ago? Like the two previous albums, Work In Progress and XXIV, there’s a continuity of sound and a variety of styles that might surprise people. I put this down to a confident line-up which shares the song writing. Sick Velveteen is a strong, tight opener with a great bass sound; Artificial Intelligence is a simpler but catchy song thanks to guitarist Jet’s ear for a melody. Bordeaux Red rails against war while reminding us that “history is all we have…be warned”. This is one of my favourites, penned by Alvin Gibbs. Things get heavier with Chemical and Deconstruct before Charlie’s Diatribe brings another insistent melody which wouldn’t be out of place on TOTP 1979.
18 new songs, packed with ideas and tunes. Gibbs’ Feed The Whore has a 60s feel to the riff, if not the lyric; drummer Jamie Oliver’s Heathens unsurprisingly packs a wallop; Rebellion Song is a slice of acoustic melancholy; Sin City Blues with scorching harmonica could be prime-era Hanoi Rocks. Before ending on an instrumental note with’611, we are treated to some jazz (yes, really) with Archaeology.
While Charlie Harper should be cherished for his dedication to his muse, this is very much a band effort and all the stronger for it. Now, I just need to invest in the previous two albums and catch them on their up-coming tour (Luton Hat Factory on May 1st with support from the excellent iHazard!). At this rate, album Z should be something special.

'Yellow Leader' digital download

For those who prefer to listen to their music in this Brand New Digital Age... the new U.K. Subs album 'Yellow Leader' is available to download on iTunes from today...


'Yellow Leader' - great review on 'Art of the State Blog'

There is another fantastic review of 'Yellow Leader' that's just been posted online - this time from

"There's so much great stuff here if the Subs were a lazier band they could quite easily have chucked another half dozen songs into the recording can and released two separate 12 track albums to complete the A-Z right here, right now in 2015. Yellow Leader defies this attitude, it’s a fantastic album by a band on the top of their game. Roll on letter Z!"
Read the full review by clicking this link:
The review is also archived below:
UK SUBS – Yellow Leader album review (Captain Oi)
Anyone who has witnessed the UK Subs live in the last few years knows just what a formidable line up they have these days. Forged out of constant gigging a stable quartet of  Charlie Harper (natch), returning early eighties bassist Alvin Gibbs, drummer Jamie Oliver and guitarist Jet deliver high octane precise punk rock night after night. Their set consists of a great number of classics from their early period but what of their recent output?
On a mission to produce an album for every letter of the alphabet from to A to Z they are currently at the penultimate letter Y. Yellow Leader is the chosen title and follows on from 2013′s excellent XXIV. Being so close to the end now it would be the simplest thing in the world just to knock out a couple of ropey albums to get the job done but that would be to underestimate them. Yellow Leader is a lavish production. From a Roy Lichtenstein inspired gatefold sleeve with the lyrics reproduced in full to the fact that there are 18 songs included this is a quality product and not a rushed job in any way. All good, but what about the music?
‘Sick Velveteen’ kicks things off with bass and drums and choppy guitar before launching into a fast paced tight punk rock workout. Everything sounds fresh, punchy and up to date. There’s even keyboards overlaid on the top just like the opener of XXIV. ‘Artifical’ continues at a slower tempo but the guitar chug is just so familiar, so…UK Subs. Two songs in and this sounds worth your money already. ‘Bordeaux Red’ is up next, the title maybe not so surprising as some of the band like a glass of red, the feeling of this one is more mellow before ‘Chemical’ comes in with its harder lyrics and spaced out chorus. Track after track lands in a plethora of styles. 
‘Deconstruct’ is classic Subs, a live favourite for sure. ‘Heathens’ really sees the band going at full pelt at times, ‘Prime Evil’ has some real rock guitars in amongst a little thrashing. Rebellion takes things down an acoustic route before ‘Sin City Blues’ lives up to its name. ‘Suicidal Girl’ really gets things rocking and shows off Jet’s guitar work nicely and the whole thing ends with a pretty crazy instrumental ’611′. There’s so much great stuff here if the Subs were a lazier band they could quite easily have chucked another half dozen songs into the recording can and released two separate 12 track albums to complete the A-Z right here, right now in 2015. Yellow Leader defies this attitude, it’s a fantastic album by a band on the top of their game. Roll on letter Z!
Bez on February 21, 2015 at 5:48 pm said:
Couldn’t agree more. A lot of work has gone into this and it is a fine work of art. Can’t stop playing it but that was the case with XXIV and Work In Progress. Charlie and the boys write, preach and play with as much venom now as back in the day. Roll on Z. Keep the faith

 Superb review of 'Yellow Leader' on Uber Rock website 

The fantastic Uber Rock website has reviewed the new Subs album and reviewer Dom Daley has given the new long player a resounding thumbs up!
"Don't just take my gushing words for it, get out there and grab a copy with both hands and join me in championing such a fine piece of work. From the artwork and the package to the amount of material that's gone into this record, above all the quality of the songs on offer, the UK Subs in 2015 are a force of nature and it should be shouted from the roof tops..."
Review also archived on T&M below...

"UK Subs - 'Yellow Leader' (Captain Oi! Records)
CD Reviews
Written by Dom Daley
Tuesday, 10 February 2015 03:00
It's been said time after time, review after review,  just how damn good this band has been for some considerable time now. Having had a steady line up for a good few years has helped and the fact they've been so productive, not just on the live circuit but in the studio.
These are fruitful times for the UK Subs and it's not because the A-Z album titles is almost up nor is it the polite Englishness of Charlie being such a decent bloke. Okay, so it has a little to do with all the aforementioned but it has something to do with the band being able to make relevant music that is consistent and above all bloody good! Make no mistake if the UK Subs were just going through the motions you could tell and I'd be quite happy to say it as it is but 'Work In Progress', 'XXIV' and now 'Yellow Leader' are the sounds of a band bang on form and writing records better than they ever have.
Charlie, Alvin, Jet and Jamie have become a formidable force and all the people who turn up to see them live (in increasing numbers I might add) also bear witness to this fact. 'Yellow Leader' is the result of honing your craft on the live circuit and having the guts to keep writing new material that is as good if not better than anything in their impressive back catalogue. It would be so easy to step down the route of others and just play a few gigs every year doing all the tunes people remember and want to hear but that wouldn't be the Subs way of doing it. Clearly there is a plethora of songs just waiting for the band to record and I can't stress enough just how good some of these new songs are.
Housed in a very impressive book-like sleeve this digipack is of exceptional quality with the lyrics being reproduced throughout and the music being produced by Pat Collier and the band this is the inside track on 'Yellow Leader', now buckle up and prepare for battle.
Chocks away and we have take off as 'Sick Velveteen' is underway. Jet plays a dark and menacing riff with Alvin Gibbs walking all over his fretboard as his bass gargles away on this opener that has intent and menace. It's a vibrant introduction to 'Yellow Leader' with some street punk to set the tone.
With a budget-busting eighteen songs on offer the Subs have added variety as the tuneful 'Artificial' flies in on the second track with a more laid back groove going on - the one thing I again notice is how Alvin's bass is grabbing my attention as it drives the song and creates the mood perfectly. 'Bordeaux Red' starts with a spoken word intro before picking up a familiar groove as Alvin takes the vocals on a more traditional song that also sees his bass really rip it up.
Look, I could be here all day lamenting the virtue of the UK Subs in 2015 but then I'd be spoiling you readers before you have a copy in your grubby mitts. Let's just say that they give you what you want and possibly expect on tracks like the straightahead punk rock of 'Deconstruct' but to follow it up with the melodic and downright pop tinged 'Diatribe' would be something you certainly won't be expecting. Jet plays the riff but layers it between verses with some sweet melodic riff that simply soars. But this is the Subs way on recent albums, they ebb and flow superbly and soar and dive but never ever become boring or predictable.
Alvin once again takes the mic on this album and does a stellar job on songs like 'Feed The Whore' and the gang vocals on the chorus help create a really good groove. The album leaps from a song with a fantastic groove as mentioned to the brutal attack of, say, 'Heathens' which is more your heads-down-and-ave-it! Subs tune. Again there is no escaping Alvin's bass sound which is intense and right in your face and along with Jamie's precision is a formidable force that excites and exhilarates.
If it's a curve ball you want then 'Rebellion Song' is acoustic guitars and a superb melody and lyrics and once again the band really do nail. Recently released as an Urban Dogs single its inclusion on 'Yellow Leader' is welcome and most fitting.
There is also time to get their collective rock and roll going with 'Sin City Blues' as this album steps it up a notch or two and I'm not sure Charlie has sounded so good and the addition of the harmonica is most welcome. 'Big Bug' is catchy whereas 'Suicidal Girl' is unadulterated rock and roll with the subtle piano and hook to the chorus that seems effortless.
Having knocked out some faultless records over the past few years, they may not thank me for referring to them as elder statesmen but the young pups in music could do a lot worse than follow the UK Subs' lead and listen to them really giving it some and putting out quality record after quality record.
Don't just take my gushing words for it, get out there and grab a copy with both hands and join me in championing such a fine piece of work. From the artwork and the package to the amount of material that's gone into this record, above all the quality of the songs on offer, the UK Subs in 2015 are a force of nature and it should be shouted from the roof tops that 'Yellow Leader' is as good a record as you will hear all year and you can take that to the bank, ladies and gentlemen.
'Yellow Leader' once again sees the UK Subs make a brilliant record full to the brim of great songs and long may it continue!
To visit the UK Subs store on Amazon - CLICK HERE"


  'Yellow Leader' Pictured Disc Now Sold out! 

The Picture Disc of 'Yellow Leader' is now sold out.

Housed in a unique black U.K. SUBS die cut sleeve, this release was stamped with the band's logo on the front and back and also had the Captain Oi! unique LIMITED EDITION stamp on the front stating that only 250 copies are for sale...


We hope you got yours? wink

  'Yellow Leader' Vinyl LP Collectors Package Sold out! 


The 'Yellow Leader' collectors package has SOLD OUT!
Less than 24 hours after going on sale every one has gone. The picture disc is still available but it is strictly limited to 250 copies!


  'Yellow Leader' Vinyl LP Limited Edition Collectors Package  



This beautifully designed vinyl version of the U.K. SUBS' brand new studio album YELLOW LEADER is available NOW!
Smooth, high gloss Gatefold packaging with a luxury rounded corner inner bag containing the lyrics.
Get yer hands on this unique piece of U.K. Subs history NOW folks!
But you better be quick if you want one of these amazing collectors' items...
As well as a Promo CD you also get the...

This fab flexi is a 2 track silver foil stamped, yellow uncut square disc containing the two tracks unable to fit on the vinyl LP; 'Sin City Blues' & 'Rebellion Song'...



  'Yellow Leader' Picture Disc Out Now   

Captain Oi! have announced today that the Picture Disc of 'Yellow Leader' is now available.

Click to enlarge

Via their Facebook page they said "We’ve just taken delivery of the PICTURE DISC version of the new UK SUBS album “YELLOW LEADER”. This is part of a series of 4 (WORK IN PROGRESS and XXIV have also been given the picture disc treatment and we’ll be doing the same for album Z), and is strictly limited to 250 copies.

Housed in a unique black UK SUBS die cut sleeve, this release looks amazing. The sleeve is stamped with the bands logo on the front and back and also has our unique LIMITED EDITION stamp on the front stating that only 250 copies are for sale.

This really is a one-off chance to get this on picture disc. When they’re gone they’re gone. Definitely one for framing!"

You can order a copy HERE!


  'Yellow Leader' Out Now On CD 

The eagerly anticipated and long awaited brand new studio album from the U.K. Subs, entitled 'Yellow Leader' is now available to buy on Limited Edition Hard Back CD from Captain Oi! Records' mail order.


There will be a variety of formats released but the main release, which is this stunning Hardback CD, comes complete with full colour booklet with lyrics to every song.

For those that aren’t Captain Oi! customers and would prefer to buy from AMAZON, the direct link to purchase from Amazon is HERE:

As previously reported, the Picture Disc and Vinyl Package will follow later this week or early next week, as will the download links. Once these are live T&M will put up the links here...
In the meantime - below is a glimpse of what to expect when you order the brand new album on Hard Back CD - don't delay folks, this is another awesome slice of Subs superbness which you have to hear NOW!


   Yellow Leader Latest Update  

Captain Oi! mainman Mark Brennan has provided T&M with an exclusive update on the long awaited brand new studio album from the U.K. Subs.

There will be a variety of formats released but the main release, which will be the Hardback CD, is due for delivery to Captain Oi! in the last week of January. 

Expect it to be made available online at the Captain Oi! website sometime between 26 January and 7 February. An exact date will be finalised and announced soon.

The initial vinyl release will see 250 copies of a strictly limited edition Picture Disc housed in the uniform sleeve that ‘Work In Progress’ and ‘XXIV’ came in, this is due at the same time as the above mentioned Hardback CD. 

Captain Oi! have also received from the manufacturer some promo CDs and these will be mailed out to reviewers later this week.

Toward the end of February Captain Oi! are hoping to take delivery of a coloured gatefold vinyl version and there will also be a 2 track yellow vinyl flexi disc featuring ‘Sin City Blues’ and ‘Rebellion Song’, neither of which will appear on the vinyl versions of the album due to running time restrictions.


   Yellow Leader Tracks played live...  

The U.K. Subs played a couple of new tracks off their soon-to-be-released 'Yellow Leader' album at their gig at The Underground in Stoke on Trent on 13 November. You can view footage of the new song 'SUICIDAL GIRL', below...

View footage of 'Suicidal Girl' and 'Sick Velveteen', from the 15 November Kilmarnock gig HERE


   Yellow Leader Test Pressing Teasers  

Time & Matter is delighted to be able to show you a couple of the Test Pressings for the new album's various packages from Captain Oi! Records. Click the images to enlarge. 
You should be able to work out what they are! wink


   Yellow Leader Album Cover Draft exclusive  

Time & Matter is delighted to be able to exclusively publish the first draft image of the forthcoming U.K. Subs album cover.

Captain Oi! boss Mark Brennan told T&M that he hopes "to announce a precise release date for early 2015", further revealing that the new album's initial release formats will be as a hardback CD with full colour lyric booklet as well as a 250 limited edition Picture Disc, of which the Test Pressings sound amazing! Both the CD and vinyl are currently at the pressing plant. The CD will contain all the 18 tracks previously listed on our earlier news stories, whilst the vinyl format will contain 14 tracks, due to time restrictions. The Picture Disc will be housed in the die-cut sleeve exactly like the ones that the 'Work In Progress' and 'XXIV' album Picture Discs were released in. The songs dropped from the vinyl are 'Rebellion Song', 'Sin City Blues', 'Archeology' and '611'.
T&M will bring you further news soon, so keep an eye out here...


Above: Yellow Leader cover. Click to enlarge


   New album Update  

   Title confirmed as YELLOW LEADER  

  Exclusive T&M Charlie Interview about the album  

Exclusive news from Captain Oi! and full album track listing!

Time & Matter has recently spoken to both Charlie Harper and Mark Brennan from Captain Oi! in order to bring you the very latest news regarding the brand new U.K. Subs album, due out later this year, which will be entitled YELLOW LEADER.
There was some talk of the album being called ‘Yes And Now’, but the chosen title is actually a shortened version of the one that Charlie alluded to back in early 2013, which was published in a short interview in Vive Le Rock magazine Issue 12 (May / June 2013), where he told VLR the title was going to be “Yellow Leader: Songs About Friendly Fire and Other Tragedies of Ancient and Modern Warfare”.
The band have recorded 18 tracks as listed below with songwriting credits:

1. Sick Velveteen (Gibbs)
2. Artificial (Harper)
3. Bordeaux Red (Gibbs)
4. Chemical (Oliver / Harper)
5. Deconstruct (Harper)
6. Diatribe (Harper)
7. Feed The Whore (Gibbs)
8. Heathens (Oliver)
9. Prime Evil (Gibbs)
10. Rebellion Song (Harper) Acoustic
11. Sin City Blues (Harper)
12. Slave (Oliver / Harper)
13. Big Bug (Jet / Harper)
14. Suicidal Girl (Jet / Harper)
15. Virus (Gibbs / Harper)
16. Cry Wolf (Jet / Harper)
17. Archaeology (Harper)
18. 611 (Jet)   (Instrumental)

The album has been produced by Charlie and Pat Collier at the latter's Perry Vale Studios in London, as were the last two Subs albums.
Mark Brennan revealed to T&M that initial plans are to release a hardback style CD in late October along with a 250 copy picture disc vinyl version. If the album comes out on ordinary colour vinyl then Captain Oi! would also look to do this with a gatefold sleeve.

All vinyl copies will not include 'Rebellion Song' and '611'.
T&M regular readers will recognise the song title ‘Rebellion Song’ as that is the new Urban Dogs single, due to be released on Time & Matter Records later this year. This U.K. Subs version however, is actually an acoustic take by Charlie and Jamie.
Charlie, who finished mixing the new album with Pat on Wednesday 20 August is thrilled with the new recording, describing the experience and results as “amazing really…” Charlie told T&M that he’d “…been listening to the rough mixes for days now…” and when quizzed about how he sees the album in relation to the last two that this line-up had previously recorded – Work In Progress & XXIV – he revealed that the key to the band’s current critical upward curve was due to it being “…great to have four talented writers, whereas previously it’s only been two or three…” Charlie confirmed to T&M that he is in no doubt that the new album is an improvement on the last two, mischievously chuckling whilst concluding his verdict that “…I dunno how we do it!

On the album’s final production and overall sound Charlie enthused that “...we’ve turned Alvin’s bass up, which sounds huge, as I wanted his ‘lead bass’ to this time sound mega and gritty, especially as Jamie’s drum sound is so awesome and Jet’s done such a fabulous job on guitar again….
Charlie also mentioned that he was really excited about Alvin’s song ‘Sick Velveteen’ and he loves Jet’s instrumental ‘611’ (look at your official T&M U.K. Subs calendars to work out the reason for this song title folks! – Ed).

Asked about what he considered his own favourite songs, Charlie named ‘Diatribe’ as one to look out for, although he also loves ‘Deconstruct’, which he described as "...a cross between The Ramones and Discharge!" It took him "...5 minutes to write but..." he promises "’ll get inside your head!"
Finally, regarding the new album’s front cover artwork, the fabulously talented Daryl Smith, of Chase The Ace, has once again been tasked with coming up with the artwork, with Charlie’s remit being that it is based on the work and cartoons by the ‘American pop artist’ Roy Leichtenstein, of which an example can be seen above, with Lichtenstein being pictured right.

Day 15: 04/08/2014


   New Update From Jet  

U.K. Subs guitarist Jet wrote the following on his Facebook wall:
"Listening to rough mix version of the new album. Sounding good, a few more little touches then perfect!"

Day 13: 02/08/2014

   Brief Update From Jet  

U.K. Subs guitarist Jet posted the picture to the right on his Facebook page, click the image to enlarge, saying, "Finally all recordings done!! Mixing next!"

Day 9: 29/07/2014

   Another Jet Update   

U.K. Subs guitarist Jet posted the picture to the right on his Facebook page, click the image to enlarge, saying, " day 9: Rhythm guitars all done! Started recording the lead guitars from today. Here's a great sounding Les Paul Standard that Gibson Guitar UK kindly lent me. Thanks Gibson!!"

Day 7: 27/07/2014

   Jet's Update   

Subs guitar hero Jet posted the picture to the right on his Facebook page, click the image to enlarge, saying, " day 7: finally started recording the guitars from yesterday. Using both the TV yellow and Cherry Juniors, and they're sounding great. The Cherry Jr's pickup is slightly hotter than the TV Junior, and TV Jr has a thinner neck and a heavier weight than the Cherry Jr. Apart from that, they are modified exactly the same way..." 

Day 6: 26/07/2014

   Jamie's Studio Tour Video   

For today's update, Time & Matter suggested to Jamie he do an exclusive studio tour video for us; the Subs' drummer extraordinaire gladly obliged. What a star! Cheers Jamie.
Jamie also supplied the photo of Mr Alvin Gibbs below and reports that the bass parts for the album are now all done...


"...where all the real magic happens..."

Day 5: 25/07/2014

   Jamie's report on day 5   

Subs drummer Jamie spoke to T&M website co-editor Mark today, and reported that he was extemely pleased that "...all the drums are now done, woohoo!" Jamie also sent 3 pictures which you can see with this update, and he further reported that "...the bass is almost all done now too, which just leaves Jet's guitars and Charlie's vocals to do. Things are shaping up nicely. It's a bit more raw sounding than the last 2 albums we did, which I like."
Jamie will be leaving the studio on Sunday as he has some outstanding tour commitments to fulfill with SNFU, who he has been drumming for, prior to recording the new Subs' album, and for that reason he also added that he was "...hoping to get all the backing vocals done by tomorrow." Jamie also revealed in his chat with Mark another few song titles: "...'Sick Velveteen' is one of Alvin's, and one I think called 'Slave'..."
Mark further questioned whether there would be any other instruments used apart from the usual? Jamie told him "...not yet, but I'm planning to have some synths and stuff, maybe a bit of piano actually, to give one of the tracks a bit of a Tom Waits kinda feel!"

Day 4: 24/07/2014

   Rob from T&M - report and photos from the studio   

T&M website co-editor Rob joined the band in the studio today. Alvin has been recording his bass parts and Rob's photos will appear here soon...

Day 3: 23/07/2014

   Jamie's report from early on day 3   

Subs drummer Jamie Oliver reported to T&M that: "It's been tiring so far but everything is moving along just fine. I've done the drums for about 8 tracks so far and the guitars for 4 - 3 of my own and an acoustic one. Jet brought a really rocking instrumental to the table which is awesome, Alvin arrives tomorrow, Charlie is, well, Charlie. So no complaints, Pat is doing a fantastic job as usual, so I can't wait to get this shit out there!"
Jamie also told T&M some new information concerning the songs being recorded, 'Heathens' is a fast one that I've written and we've also done an acoustic version of a song that Charlie recorded with the Urban Dogs recently (...of which, T&M will be announcing a big news story very soon... :Ed).
Below is Jamie's photo of Jet, Charlie and Pat working on the new album: click to enlarge.

   Jet's evening update - day 3   

Jet, on his Facebook page wall had this to impart on the evening of the third day of recording:
"Studio day 3: 12 new songs so far. So far so good!"

Day 2: 22/07/2014

   Jet's studio photos   

Subs guitarist has posted a couple of photos from the studio, you can see the one of producer Pat Collier at the controls from Day 1 to the right, and below is Jet's photo of his amps he's recording the new album with. Jet had this to say about day 2: "Great day in the studio! Here's my trusty Series One head and new addition Artisan 100 head! A big thank you to James and the Blackstar Amps team for lending it to me! Both amps sounding great!


Day 1: 21/07/2014

   The U.K. Subs' next album - Recording started today!   
   Charlie & Alvin talk exclusively about the new album to T&M   
   Possible SIX working song titles revealed!  
Exactly 2 years and 5 days after they started recording their last album, the fantastic, critically acclaimed 'XXIV', the U.K. Subs entered the recording studio today to start recording their much anticipated 'Y' album. This will be the third album recorded by the long established line-up of Charlie, Jet, Alvin and Jamie. The band will once again be utilising the excellent Perry Vale Studios in south east London, which belongs to the original Vibrators bass player Pat Collier, who also recorded and produced the prior-to-'XXIV' U.K. Subs studio album 'Work In Progress'.
The new as-yet-untitled album will be the band's 17th studio album of new material and their 25th official album, all of which have been named in alphabetical order since their 'A' debut appeared just short of 35 years ago! 
Time & Matter will keep you bang up to date with all the latest from the studio over the next couple of weeks whilst the band are recording their next album for Captain Oi! Records.

Ahead of the band's recording sessions, Charlie exclusively talked to T&M about his excitement of getting into Pat's studio again, revealing that before the recording commenced, for preparation, he "...asked the band to write 5 songs each as well as asking Jamie and Jet to try to write a whole song, not just the music." Charlie then added that he himself had "...completed 5 songs, maybe more. A couple sound like singles, they are 'Diatribe' which Yuko likes and 'Artificial', which is about the new world of artificial intelligence. Another one is currently called 'Now' and this has a loud chorus of "we live in the now". Actually, a fan inspired this by shouting at someone who talked of nostalgia, I told him I would put that into song! And the last song of interest is called 'In Love With The Dead', a spooky little number about archaeology. There's plenty more but we'll have to wait to see how it all works out..."

Alvin also recently spoke to T&M about how he was "...very much looking forward to getting involved in the making of the new album. I've got 2 definite titles for my songs, the other 2 being title-less for the moment. One is called 'Feed the Whore' - it's about the addictiveness of power and celebrity - and 'Bordeaux Red', which lyrically is about a mercenary's participation in the 100 Years War in France in the 12th century... honestly, it's not as corny as it sounds!"
Drummer Jamie Oliver will be adding his thoughts about the new album tomorrow so stay tuned for what is already looking to be another quality Subs album.