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  • Above: Warhead UK CD/DVD release, 2015, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: SECDP111
Label: Secret Records
Recorded: 24th October 2002
Released: 2015

Track Listing:

1. Living dead
2. Cyberjunk
3. Squat 96
4. Lay (sic) down and die
5. Ice age
6. Sensitive boys
7. Emotional blackmail
8. Left for dead
9. Rockers
10. Crash course
11. Endangered species
12. Time and matter
13. New York State Police
14. Down on the farm
15. Party in Paris
16. Tomorrows girls
17. Warhead
18. Stranglehold
19. C.I.D.
20. Tomorrows girls-2
21. Limo life
22. You don’t belong
23. I couldn’t be you


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Nicky Garratt
Bass: Alvin Gibbs
Drums: Steve Robert


Two disc reissue of the 25th anniversary concert this time with the audio track only on CD plus the original DVD. Track listing is the same for both discs.

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  • Above: CD and DVD.


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