The following news story appeared on T&M:

  • 19 April 2015


Nicky to write exclusive Hedersleben 3 diary for T&M

Time & Matter are absolutely thrilled to announce that ex-U.K. Subs guitarist Nicky Garratt will be resuming his popular 'NICKY'S GUITAR NOTES' exclusive articles for this website.

This time, Nicky will be detailing his thoughts about the preparations for his Krautrock/Spacerock band Hedersleben, who are about to commence a Spring tour, immediately followed by the recording of their eagerly anticipated third album 'Fall Of Chronolpolis'
Regarding his ongoing Hedersleben project, Nicky enthused to T&M that "Hedersleben are doing very well, the reviews on the new (second) album have been great. Read them here: The recording on the third album 'Fall Of Chronopolis' starts on May 7th with our new bass player Ursula Stuart and violinist player Ariana Jade, both of whom will also provide vocals"

"This will be our most ambitious project to date - The Fall Of Chronopolis. Movements from this concept album were played live on the 2013 and 2014 tours and now the band is in rehearsals for a spring recording... my articles for T&M will give you exclusive insights to this exciting time for Hedersleben.."


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