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  • 13 December 2015

Uber Rock reviews first 2 Peel Session 7" Singles


The ever-superb Uber Rock website has published reviews of the first two Captain Oi! Subs Peel session 7" singles in their regular Uber Rock Singles Club section...
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Both archived below...


UK Subs - ‘The Peel Sessions’ Vol 1 (Captain Oi!)
Long since deleted on vinyl Captain Oi! thought it was only right to reissue the UK Subs’ Peel Sessions via a month by month triple release on coloured vinyl.  Housed in a great gatefold sleeve this fine yellow slab contains the first five songs from the sessions.  Surely they need no introduction/review except to say that the sound quality of BBC sessions always were exceptional and hearing 'I Couldn't Be You', 'Tomorrow's Girl', 'Disease', 'C.I.D.' and 'Stranglehold' is a joy.  Harper, Garratt, Slack and Davies were a formidable force and penned some superb songs and there are five examples of that here.  These are very limited pressings on the aforementioned yellow and white and the next volume being released later this month. If you’re a Subs fan then grab one……quick!
UK Subs Peel Vol 2UK Subs - ‘The Peel Sessions’ Vol 2 (Captain OI!)
No sooner had I written the first review than the second instalment of UK Subs branded goodness rolls up at URHQ. This one is pressed on white vinyl and features the next five songs recorded for the BBC. 'World War', 'TV Blues' and 'Another Kind Of Blues' make up side one whilst 'All I Wanna Know' and 'Totters' make up side two. This series is of great quality and apart from the music (which is a given right?) the gatefold packaging and sleeve notes are most welcome in the never ending world of UK Subs re issues. Order your copy now from Captain Oi!