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The U.K. Subs have today (6 March 2016) posted a new update via their Pledge campaign page, which reveals the artwork for the forthcoming final album 'Ziezo':

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"Album art revealed!
We can finally reveal the artwork for Ziezo! What do you think?"


The full update and comments section can only be accessed using the Access Pass included with your Pledge. Check it out HERE

Here is the full track listing...

Side One:
1) Polarisation 2) Oligarchy 3) I’ve Got a Gun 4) Evil Vs Evil
5) Proto Feminist 6) Disclosure 7) Rise 8) World War III

Side Two:
1) Dope Fiend 2) I Don’t Care 3) Master Race 4) Banksy
5) This Machine 6) City of the Dead 7) Maid of Orleans 8) Zeitgeis

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Below: Check out a live version of one of the new album tracks; 'I've Got A Gun', recorded on the recent European Tour, at Petit Bain in Paris on 17 February 2016 by