New Urban Dogs Album - Day 4 Recording: 17 May 2016   

Dogs drummer Matthew Best has today published a number of updates from the studio on the Urban Dogs Facebook page as reproduced below...

It's all about Charlie and Knox today so to stop them getting worn out we're farming out the work. Charlie's done vocals on one song, Knox added some guitar, and now it's Knox's turn to sing. He's working on one of Alvin's songs so Alvin is directing him from the control room.

Charlie's lyrics.

Knox is adding some lead guitar to Pawn Shop Special.

Charlie has turned up and has gone straight to work singing "Pawn Shop Special", which I think is about a guitar. We were relieved to find that Charlie's spelling of Porn Shop was in fact a mistake.

Back in the studio, mainly to do vocals, but while we wait for Charlie to arrive, what do you all feel about some Hammond organ?
(A) Great! Bring it on!
(B) No way! Does not belong on a punk album!

Answers below please.