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   Endangered Species Deluxe 2-CD Issued  

UK Subs – Endangered Species (LP)Cleopatra Records in the States have put out a 2-CD version of Endangered Species...

The 'Product Description'on their website reads:
"A true punk rock classic gets a well-deserved Deluxe Edition reissue featuring 32 bonus tracks including demos, outtakes, and rarities! Packaged with a gorgeous full-color 16-page booklet featuring insightful liner notes written by Jack Rabid, editor and publisher of NY’s The Big Takeover magazine! This 1982 album, widely considered the highpoint of the Subs’ illustirous career, contains the original version of “Down On The Farm” which was later covered by Guns N’ Roses on their Spaghetti Incident? album!"

Listed as being on New Red Archives - Nicky Garratt's old label: which he sold to Cleopatra - the CD carries a catalogue number of CLO0361CD and the full track listing is:

1. Endangered Species, 2. Living Dead, 3. Countdown, 4. Ambition, 5. Lie Down And Die, 6. Fear Of Girls, 7. Down On The Farm, 8. Sensitive Boys, 9. ÷8×5, 10. Ice Age, 11. I Robot, 12. Flesh Wound, 13. Plan Of Action (B-Side Countdown 7″ Single), 14. I Don’t Need Your Love (Outtake), 15. Shoot You Down (Demo), 16. ÷8×5 (Demo), 17. Countdown (Demo), 18. Ambition (Demo), 19. Sensitive Boys (Demo), 20. I Don’t Need Your Love (Demo)

1. Self Destruct (Shake Up City EP), 2. Police State (Shake Up The City EP), 3. War Of The Roses (Shake Up The City EP), 4. New Barbarians (A.W.O.L. “Shelved” EP), 5. Ship Wrecked (A.W.O.L. “Shelved” EP), 6. Enemy Awaits (A.W.O.L. “Shelved” EP), 7. Limo Life (Studio Session – New York), 8. Cocaine (Studio Session – New York), 9. Self Destruct (Live 1982), 10. War Of The Roses (Live 1982), 11. Police State (Live 1982), 12. Emotional Blackmail (Live 1982), 13. Holy Land (Live 1982), 14. Warhead (Live 1982), 15. Left For Dead (Live 1982), 16. Endangered Species (Live 1982), 17. Enemy Awaits (Live 1982), 18. Crash Course (Live 1982), 19. No Heart (Live 1982), 20. Tomorrow’s Girls (Live 1982), 21. I Live In A Car (Live 1982), 22. C.I.D. (Live 1982), 23. Stranglehold (Live 1982), 24. New Barbarians (Live 1982)

The above referenced 'Live 1982' tracks are the 'Live In Bremen' DVD tracks which have also just been issued on vinyl...

The release date is given as 29 July 2016 but you can order a copy now