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   U.K. Subs Record Store Day 2017 Release  

This year's Record Store Day contains one U.K. Subs vinyl release, a re-issue of the 'Live In Paris' LP, which has been re-titled 'Live 'N' Loud (aka Greatest Hits In Paris)'. Issued by Interference Records, the LP will be hand numbered, on colour vinyl and with an insert, which presumably will be the same content from the booklet that came with the recent CD version of this release.

Press Release:

"HAND NUMBERED COLOURED VINYL W/ INSERT.While U.K. SUBS were perhaps regarded by some to be in the shadow of The Clash, The Damned and other global brands, there was never any doubting their onstage power and the formidable presence of Harper in full flight. They remain one of Britain's best-loved punk bands among ordinary fans and have long outlasted most of their punk peers. In 2010, they won 6Music's audience-voted punk rock FA Cup", comfortably seeing off the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Buzzcocks, the Ramones and the Damned."

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