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After Punkerama Records' recent release of the Charlie Harper acoustic 7" solo single 'Warhead' / 'Rebellion Song', Punkerama's MD Gary Fahy has announced that the label will be issuing a U.K. Subs 7" in January 2018 of two Subs songs from their fifth album 'Endangered Species'. Described by Gary as "the single that should have been lifted from the album...", the 500 limited edition was originally scheduled to be a picture disc featuring the album title track as well as 'Lie Down And Die', but will now be issued as follows:

150 on purple/pink splatter
175 on pink
175 on purple

Priced at £8 each on pre- order, please contact Punkerama to reserve copies via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Keep up to date via the Punkerama Facebook page - click here

The Punkerama website link for the single is:

The following news story appeared on the T&M homepage:


U.K. Subs 2017 Pledge Music Update No. 16 

The latest update on the Subs' latest Pledge Music campaign was made today, 9 November 2017 as follows:

"09 November, 2017
Less than 24 hours left to order!
We are extremely close to shipping out your copies of our brand new singles! Huzzah!!!
This means we have to close down sales on our Pledge Music page. This will take place tomorrow afternoon.
Getting there!!!
Poll: Mad Cow Fever"

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