• U.K. Subs play The EVI, Ebbw Vale, Wales

2016 Line-up pic by Aurelien Jouanen at Krousky Peutebatre-pictures - CLICK TO ENLARGE


vocals & harmonica








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U.K. Subs 2017 Pledge Music Update Nos 19, 20 & 21

The latest update on the Subs' latest Pledge Music campaign was made today, 17 November 2017 as follows:

"17 November, 2017
Tshirt, badges and patches, oh my!
Evening all,
Due to an administrative error the badges and patches will commence shipping in 7 days time. There was also a problem with the printing machine at the place where we ordered the dye sublimated tshirts, so we’re still waiting on them to arrive with us. They are expected on Tuesday and will be shipped out ASAP.
Massive apologies for these delays but thank you all for your patience.
Also we want to extend our thanks to all who came to our 40th anniversary show last night. It was one of the hottest gigs we can remember but the atmosphere was electric! Perhaps our favourite part was going back onstage when the mics had been taken down and playing with just the back line. Stripped down punk rock, so much fun.

Previously, on the evening of the Subs' 40th anniversary gig in Nuneaton there were a couple of updates on the Pledge update feed from Jamie regarding the gig's live stream as follows:

16 November 2017:
Kick off!

Ok the doors are now open for our 40th Anniversary and single launch!
And for your viewing pleasure, exclusive to pledgers we are streaming this gig live right here from 8pm!
16 November 2017:
Ok here’s the link!
Sorry, that’s my fault, I didn’t put the link!


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