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"UK Subs Resolution Fest Review
By bluestribute - posted January 18, 2018
The 100 Club recently celebrated the last day of Resolution Fest 2018. The show included local band Red Light Rebels, Ramones cover band turned original punk band The Ramonas, and apparent UK legends UK Subs. I say apparent because, if you’ve been following us from our Bluestribute.net days, you know we were based in the states. And in the states . . . the UK Subs aren’t really a widespread thing.

Before moving on, props to the 100 Club for an awesome mix and friendly staff that helped the older, walker bound people (yep) down the steps into the club.

RED LIGHT REBELS: Red Light Rebels are a local punk band from Cheltenham, and what a great fucking start to the show. If I had to sum up their performance into one or two words, I would choose either “fucking sick” or “infectiously fun”.
Their sound, to start, is just classic punk. It’s aggressive, a bit melodic, but is mostly just chugging along on those power chords, screaming into the microphone, and singing catchy as fuck hooks. So catchy that I was tempted to sing along. Fortunately for the people around me, I’m still piss poor with accents and didn’t quite catch the English version of their choruses.
Their performance was well tuned; so well tuned, in fact, that they got the 70 year olds in the crowd to sing along to songs like “Harrison” (another C.A.F. tune). And so nostalgic they also got them to move. With not a lot of room on the cramped stage, I’m amazed at how well they utilized and engaged it. Jumping, dancing, props to you lot. Consider me a new fan.
THE RAMONAS: As you could guess, The Ramonas are an all-girl Ramones cover band. Kind of. Kind of, because they opted to play an original set. And it was a fucking good set. Like, imagine a Ramones cover band, who only knows how to play the Ramones, writing their own music, and they’re all girls, because that’s exactly who The Ramonas are. You’re gonna hear a HEAVY Ramones influence but from a young female perspective. I swear at least one of them is still in hi– college(?). Whatever you guys say. Doesn’t matter because it doesn’t show on stage; they’re mature performers. Their experience shows.
They somehow took the energy Red Light Rebels left and cranked it up a notch. Now, that’s not an easy task, mind you. But they fucking did it. I thoroughly enjoyed their original tunes and the pace they set. I’m sure, in any other venue where the mean age was 20-30, there would be a nonstop mosh pit going on. But this time, we had to settle for fist pumping instead.
The Ramonas set a new bar during their set. They took the already high bar and raised it with their raw power, raw emotion, and really good originals.
And it made me incredibly excited- the show so far had gotten better with each band, and the bar was just exponentially raised with The Ramonas performance. How were the UK Subs going to handle it?
UK SUBS: The UK Subs. My first experience of real British punk. It involved them loading beer onto stage instead of water, as we do back in the states; 50-70 year old men and woman with mohawks, died hair, and tattoos; and even MORE energy than the first two bands. Seriously, how the fucking hell?
I never thought I would write this, but I nearly got knocked over by someone that would be jealous of my hairline. And that same dude was knocking around the static 20-something year olds who came out to the show. It was literally punk for all ages, a family show, grandpa and grandma bonding time with the grandkids. I had no idea the UK Subs were such a staple of the scene for as many years as they have been.
And they put a lot of my American counterparts to shame. It was fun, explosive, the type of punk American bands try to emulate but so many fail to do. Young performers should be taking notes from the UK Subs, learning how to bring up the energy and give-and-take with the crowd. It’s obvious why the other bands were so good- they knew what to expect from the headliners and didn’t want to disappoint!
At concerts, I like to take notes to try and relive my experience a few days later through images and words (now, whether I accurately describe those situations on BluestributeTV.com is up to interpretation), but I really didn’t want to do that. I really wanted to be in the moment instead.
So I stayed in the moment. And I’m really glad I did.
I would highly recommend catching any one of these three bands. And I would recommend catching them just as we got to- a small club with feisty fans and no fancy light show to distract you from the raw punk happening on a few feet in front of you.
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by Curt Dennis | Photos by Curt Dennis (IAmCurt)"


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