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 As this new band's Facebook page states:
"Ukulele covers of U.K. Subs songs. What did you expect?"
It was Neil Keenan, in 2017, who finally got a project together that he'd wanted to do for ages.

"It's a combination of two of my favourite things, namely the U.K. Subs and playing the ukulele. I started rehearsing with an old friend and fellow Subs fan Dave Fanning - who it turns out was taught bass at a youth club by Paul Slack! (***see below***)- and the Ukulele Subs were born. We added Satu Salonpaa on percussion and backing vocals and played our first gig at Bearded Theory's Spring Gathering 2017. We're back there again this year and, to our delight, the U.K. Subs themselves are also playing."
The band recently played a show at Knox's Rock N Roll Rescue charity shop in London on February 18, going down a storm, of which you can view some footage below...
Ukulele Subs are Neil Keenan (ukulele / vocals) and Dave Fanning (bass) - veterans of various bands, including Blyth Power, The Apostles, Faction and The Piranha Brothers -  and Satu Salonpaa (percussion / harmony vocals).
With a shared love of ukuleles and the U.K. Subs, they like nothing better than to strum their favourite Subs songs, with a few other punk rock classics thrown in for good measure.
Why not grab a pint and join us?  Singing along is encouraged, and no earplugs are required. Socks and sandals are optional!
Neil also added that "We have a bit of fun with B.1.C. - adding a James Brown feel - and Warhead - which we sort of combine with The Beat's Ranking Full Stop! Apart from that, they're pretty true to the originals, though perhaps a little gentler on the lugholes!"
Currently the band have the following Subs classic tracks in their set: B.1.C. (JB.1.C.), C.I.D., Emotional Blackmail, I Couldn't Be You, I'm Waiting For My Man, Keep on Running (Til You Burn), Killer, Left for Dead, Live in a Car, Party in Paris, Scum of the Earth, She's Not There, Stranglehold, Teenage, Telephone Numbers, Tomorrow's Girls, Victim, Warhead and World War.
Time & Matter website has pointed out to Neil the obvious omission from their set so hopefully that'll be added soon!
Gig enquiries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Neil on 07507 502557
Check out some footage of the band in action below:

***Here's a bit more that Dave told us about those bass lessons with Mr Paul Slack referred to above:
Dave was the first person to sign up for free bass lesson with Paul Slack at the Basement Youth Club in Covent Garden, a council-funded community project, in late 1980. Steve Slack was also giving drum lessons. Despite appearances, Dave remembers Paul as a bluesman. Essentially they'd sit around, in their leather jackets and spikey hair, jamming rock classics. The first bassline Paul taught Dave was Johnny B. Goode, closely followed by Tomorrow's Girls. On one occassion the council inspectors visited and Paul told Dave just to nod wisely if he suddenly started talking about tones and scales!***