The following news story appeared on the T&M homepage:
The 'Rock Your Lyrics Backstage' Soundcloud webpage have just published an excellent audio interview with Charlie online which can be heard at:

Conducted whilst Charlie was in Brighton on 18 June 2018...
"Hello Everyone!
Welcome to a new episode of Rock Your Lyrics - Backstage!
We will give you full access to exclusive interviews with artists from all over the planet during their tour across the world!
Today we interviewed Charlie Harper - Vocals & Harmonica player of UK SUBS"
Covering how Charlie writes the lyrics and music of his songs, including using Pete Davies' conversation as inspiration as "...there's always different ways to write a song", how he's currently listening to Amyl and The Sniffers from Australia, how 'Warhead' is his own favourite and most important lyric he's written as well as double meaning in songs and turning himself into a 'she'!
Also discussed is 'Tomorrows Girls', MC5, riding pushbikes from Italy to Switzerland to see the Subs, the importance of back stage fridges, Charlie's best relationship advice and the World Cup!