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The latest update on the forthcoming brand new U.K. Subs E.P. 'Screaming Senile' has been sent out via the official mailing list from Jamie and reads as follows:
Screaming Senile is nearly here!

Hi folks!

Well it's November and we've just returned from a very successful West Coast USA tour with Agent Orange and Guttermouth. It was a hell of a lot of fun and we're still recovering from severe jet lag but there's no rest for the wicked and we're kicking off our UK Christmas tour tonight in Nottingham. So, without further yapping, it's about time we gave you an update to let you all know exactly where we are and how things are going.
Firstly, let's start off with a very minor bit of bad news. The vinyl records are unfortunately going to be ever so slightly delayed. I spoke to the pressing plant and they said they will likely be with us about a week after the launch show but they're doing everything they can to get the records out to us as soon as humanly possible and then we will sign them and get everything out to you right away. Apologies for this minor delay but we promise it will all be with you very very soon!
On a much more positive note, attached to this email is a link for one of the tracks. We hope you like it! Written by Mr. Steve Straughan, 'Hounds at the Door' offers a catchy slice of punk rock energy. This is just a taste of what's to come and we hope it will wet your appetite! Just click here to listen!! (
Tickets for the launch party at the Queens Hall in Nuneaton on November 21st are selling well and if you missed the memo, we will be performing two unique sets. The first will be an acoustic set comprised of two songs written and performed by each member of the band. As you know, we each have our own solo projects going on and we thought it'd be interesting to offer something entirely different from the norm. The second set, which we're extremely excited about, will be made completely of UK Subs 7" singles. We're talking songs that haven't been played by the band in a very very long time, some never played live before (we'll leave it to you to speculate). There'll also be some surprises along the way, with one major surprise you will not want to miss!!! This is probably going to be one of the most interesting UK Subs gigs in a long time, certainly in recent years and we hope you'll join us for yet another wonderful night in 'Sunny Nunny'. We sent out your e-tickets for the gig yesterday (Wednesday). If you've bought a ticket but haven't received a confirmation email already, check your junk mail folder first and if it's still not there then please respond to this email and I will check it for you.
And finally, in true disorganised punk rock fashion, I've just realised that I neglected to update the images for the Screaming Senile shirts and badges. What an idiot! This is now done and you can see on our website how it all looks! See the links below :)
Ok everyone, happy Thursday and I'll be in touch very soon with another update!


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