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Ahead of the forthcoming brand new U.K. Subs E.P. 'Screaming Senile' launch party gig in Nuneaton on 21 November (tickets HERE), the artwork is reproduced below, revealing also the full 5 track titles...
The band have previously announced that one of the tracks would be an updated, re-recording of their 1981 single 'Keep On Running (Til You Burn)'; now re-titled 'Keep On Running 2018' and have also recently made the opening track 'Hounds At The Door' available on audio at:
The other new tracks are 'Geordie Ray' - which boasts Jamie Oliver playing guitar, 'Crank It Up' - featuring Alvin Gibbs on vocals, and '2000 Years'.
The above artwork is from the Crowconut website of the graphic designer Beka Pritchards which includes more basic images that went into creating the cover as a whole:
"...The artwork is a collage of illustrations, layered and eroded to produce this glitchy effect..."