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Full Book Title: The Roxy London WC2 A Punk History
Author: Paul Marko
Year Of Publication: 2007
Publishers: Punk77 Books
Format: Large Paperback
Pages: 511pp
ISBN: 13: 978-0-9556583
Synopsis of UK Subs content: This is an absolutely fabulous account of the 'rise and fall' of the Roxy 'punk club'. It has lots of quotes from both Charlie Harper and Nicky Garratt, with some good early detail on the band's development, as well as some interesting observations on the Subs from those in other bands who played with them, or saw them live in those early days. There is a complete Roxy 'gigography' and the book also provides an account of the Roxy tour of Scotland in 1978, following the release of the 'Farewell to the Roxy' LP, both of which have good Subs content. There are two colour photos of interest, one of the Subs onstage at the Roxy and another one, featuring Charlie off stage. This is a totally brilliant, detailed, and captivating read: BUY IT NOW!


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