The Day The Country Died 

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Full Book Title: The Day The Country Died (A History Of Anarcho Punk 1980-1984)
Author: Ian Glasper
Year Of Publication: 2006
Publishers: Cherry Red Books
Format: Large Paperback
Pages: 480pp
ISBN: 1 901 447 707
Synopsis of UK Subs content: This is Ian Glasper's 'companion volume' to his 'Burning Britain' book, which is featured elsewhere in this section. Although there is little Subs content in this book, just a brief mention of Crass' early association with the band for their White Lion 1977 shared gigs, we are including it as an essential for any reading of the Subs' development within the punk movement, as it details many bands that have played with the Subs, as well as having a fine chapter on the 'rise' of Crass, which, in many ways was equal to that of the UK Subs up to and including the early 1980s.

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