"cos it may not do you good"

Canadian RCA company sleeve front  Canadian RCA company sleeve back

  • Above: Tomorrows Girls Canadian release, 1979, front & back covers.
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    Images courtesy of Kev Barksby.


  • Above: Alternate Canadian RCA sleeve.
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  • Above: Alternate Canadian RCA sleeve.
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Cat. No: PB11766
Label: RCA Canada
Recorded: 1979
Released: August 1979

A-Side: Tomorows Girls (Harper) 2:24
Run-out groove: PB-11766-A   TXO 

B-Side: Scum of the Earth (Harper-Garratt) 2:15
            Telephone Numbers (Harper-Garratt-Slack-Lions (sic)) 1:03
Run-out groove: PB-11766-B  #  TXO    

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Nicky Garratt
Bass: Paul Slack
Drums: Pete Davies


Canadian release. Similar to the US version but with a different company sleeve and text on labels.

According to Canadian Ebay seller Akim, who listed a copy of this in December 2011, there were only 300 copies of this release pressed;

"...This item came from a promo rep at RCA who knew the pressing amounts for new bands that they were trying to break. 300 was a common pressing amount for unproven acts on this side of the ocean."


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PB11766 a-side A-Side PB11766 B-side B-Side

Image courtesy of Kev Barksby.


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