"out there slaving on your factory floor"

  • Above: Tomorrow's Girls Australia and New Zealand release, 1979, front & back cover.
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Cat. No: 103488 (PB 9423)
Label: RCA Victor New Zealand
Recorded: 1979
Released: 1979

A-Side: Tomorrow's Girls (Harper) 2.24
Run-out groove: PB9423A

B-Side: Scum of The Earth
              Telephone Numbers
Run-out groove: PB9423B

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Nick Garratt
Bass: Paul Slack
Drums: Peter Davies


New Zealand release, with a slightly more grammatically correct "Tommorow's Girls".

It is assumed that this was released in Australia at the same time as the label indicates both countries. Also RCA released Another Kind of Blues in both countries with the same catalogue number and virtually identical sleeves.


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Side 1 A-Side Side 2 B-Side

Images courtesy of Kev Barksby.

  • Above: Copy with a Demo Copy label stuck on the b-side.


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