U.K. Subs play the Otto Behrendt Halle in Darmstadt, Germany


Line up:
Charlie Harper - vocals
Nicky Garratt - guitar
Alvin Gibbs - bass 
Steve Roberts - drums




U.K. Subs, Berlin, Germany. 11 March 1981

  • Above: Raven-Berlin Photo of the U.K. Subs.
    Taken after their soundcheck at the SO 36 in Berlin, Germany on 11 March, 1981.

Gig ticket Signed gig ticket
  • Above: Gig tickets. Images courtesy of  Stephan Kruegar.
    Click to enlarge. 

Stephan also very kindly wrote a short piece for us about his memories of the gig;

"During the gig of the Band 'Charge' a friend and I were standing close to the emergency exit as two guys came and start asking some things. Because of the music it was hard to understand and I noticed after a few seconds that the guys were talking in English. As that time I spent some weeks in Margate to get better with the english language so we start talking. The guys want to know if I knew a place where Punks can go to after the gig. I said that there is only one Pub/Discothec where people like us can go to and the place is called 'Goldene Krone' (golden crown). So the guy said: O.K. let's meet here after the gig.
As 'Charge' finished the show, I was very, very surprised to see the guys on the stage. So at that time I knew that I talked the whole time with the band. I have never seen them before (sorry for that), that's the truth.
The gig was great. It was a fantastic show and we had a lot of fun jumping and dancing around.
Later we met them at the exit and we went the few meters to the Discothek. The doorman let us in for free - normally the guests have to pay a few D-Marks. But someone told the doorman that the Band U.K. Subs want to drink some beer in the 'Goldene Krone'. So also my friend and I came in for free. The waiter inside took us to a separate place close to the bar. We have been there for hours with nice talking and beer. It was a very special evening for me, with special experiences. Later some more Punks want to come inside. I think every visitor of the Concert wants to come in. So it was too much for the doorman and he called the police. Fantastic evening. We had fun and outside the guys had fun too (I think). I don't remember how long we have been there, but it was one of my best evenings."

Thanks for sharing you memories of gig with us Stephan.



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