Japan, 1997, BLCK - 85925

Spain, 1997, V-3.150-1997

UK, 1997, CDMGRAM 113

UK, 1997, CDPUNK 115

USA, 1997, CLP9929-2

Russia, 2004, IROND CD 04-570/DD75


From the collection of Nicky Garratt


  • Above: Left to right - Alvin Gibbs, Dave Ayer, Charlie Harper and Nicky Garratt doing backing vocals at Wally Sound, San Francisco for the Quintessentials/Riot sessions. Oct 1996.
    From the collection of Nicky Garratt, cheers Nicky! Click image to enlarge.



From the Ryan McCullough U.K. Subs collection

  • Above: Cleopatra/New Red Archives Press Promo Pictures