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AHOYCD93 front cover AHOYCD93 back cover

  • Above: Punk Rock Rarities UK CD release, 1998, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: AHOY CD 93
Label: Captain Oi
Recorded: 1979-1995
Released: 1998

Track Listing:

Tomorrows Girls (Harper) #
Warhead (Harper/Slack) #
Waiting For The Man (Lou Reed) #
Teenage (Harper) #
Left For Dead (Harper/Garratt) #
Organised Crime (Harper/Garratt) #
Bomb Factory (Harper/Garratt) #
Dirty Girls (Harper/Garratt) #
Rat Race (Harper/Garratt) #
Kicks (Harper/Garrat) #
Shoot You Down (Harper/Garratt) #
Keep On Runnin (Harper/Gibbs) $ ^
Countdown (Harper/Gibbs) $ ^
Sensitive Boys (Harper/Garratt) $ ^
÷ 8 x 5 (Harper/Garratt) $ ^
Ambition (Harper) $ ^
Limo Life (Harper/Garratt) $ ^
Cocaine (Rev. Gary Davies) $ ^
New Barbarians (Harper) $ +
The Enemy Awaits (Garratt) $ +
Ship Wrecked (Gibbs) $ +
Self Destruct(Harper/Garratt) $ <
War Of The Roses (Garratt) $ <
Police State(Harper/Garratt) $ <
Postcard From LA (Harper/Garratt) *
Nobody Move (Harper/Garratt) %
Betrayal (Harper/Garratt) %

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Nicky Garratt
Bass: Paul Slack #/Alvin Gibbs $/Jacek Ostoya */Gregor Kramer %
Drums: Pete Davies #/Steve Roberts ^/Mal Asling +/Kim Wylie (John Towe) </David Ayer */Matt McCoy %


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