"Another pill for my brain"

NOISE014 front cover

  • Above: Cassette front cover. Click to enlarge.

Cat. No: NOISE 014
Label: Pop Noise Records
Recorded: 1982-1994
Released: 1996

Side One:

Postcard From LA (Garratt/Harper) ^
Yellowman (Garratt/Harper) $%
No Body (sic) Move (Garratt/Harper) ><
Megalopolis (Garratt/Harper) $%
Police State (Part 1) (Garratt/Harper) $~
Motivator (Harper) *%
Self Destruct (Garratt/Harper) $~

Side Two:

Big Apple (Garratt/Harper) #%
War Of The Roses (Garratt) $~
Shipwrecked (Gibbs) +$~
Holyland (Gibbs) +$%
Betrayal (Garratt/Harper) >
Lower East Side (Garratt/Harper) $%
Killing Time (Garratt/Harper) @%
Sabredance (Khachaturian) @%

Line Up

Vocals: Carlie (sic) Harper/Alvin Gibbs +
Guitar: Nicky Garratt
2nd Guitar: Terry Bones <
Bass: Alvin Gibbs $/Ryk Oakley */Andy McCoy #/Nicky Garratt @/Gregor Kramer >/Jacek Ostoya ^
Drums: Belvy K %/ Matthew McCoy >/Kim Wylie (John Towe) ~/Dave Ayer ^

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NOISE014 inside cover

  • Above: Inside cover. Below: Cassette, both side.

NOISE014 side one

NOISE014 side two

From the Mark Chadderton U.K. Subs collection

  • Above: Advert/write up from 'Polish Punk' Zine TurboPunk Number 4, circa 1996/97.
  • Below: Translation of the advert above. A big thank you to Przemek Kwadrat from Poland for providing us with this.


U.K. SUBS "The Hidden History" NOISE 014
U.K. Subs are living legends of the UK punk scene. One of a few bands that have been active since 1977.A long way back, when most of the first wave punk bands had called it a day or drifted away in a different music direction, UK Subs were still gigging a lot proving there were young bands with something to say.Those days, all of the sudden new hardcore punk generation was born with the likes of Discharge, GBH, the Exploited. Those were glory days for UK Subs too. All their early albums: Another Kind of Blues, Brand New Age, Crash Course, Diminished Responsibility or Endangered Species have become punk rock classics. UK Subs “The Hidden History” is a collection of tracks compiled by Nicky Garratt who has composed most of UK Subs songs. All tracks gathered on this tape have been recorded by the original line-up which consists of Charlie Harper, Nicky Garratt and Alvin Gibbs. The same line-up that played Polish gigs in 1983. Krzysztof Lach  

A copy of the original text in Polish is included as an insert with the cassette.

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