"Get those boxes out of the truck"

DL30011 Front cover

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Cat. No: DL 30011
Label: Barca Records
Recorded: 1978-1990
Released: 1992

Side One:

C.I.D (Harper/Anderson)*@
Stranglehold (Harper)*@
She's Not There (Argent)*@
Warhead (Harper/Slack)*@
Teenage (Harper)*@
New York State Police Harper/Garratt/Slack)*@
Party In Paris (Harper)*+#
Keep On Running (Harper/Gibbs)*+#

Side Two:

Dress Code (Harper/Scarlet)$
In The Wild (Harper)$
Still Life (Harper)$
Self Destruct (Harper/Garratt)*+€
Police State (Part 1) (Harper/Garratt)*+€
I Walked With A Zombie (Harper/Scarlet)%

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper/Paul Slack on "She's Not There"
Guitar: Nicky Garratt */Captain Scarlet$/Darrel Barth%
Bass: Paul Slack@/Alvin Gibbs+/Steve Slack$/Flea%
Drums: Pete Davies@/Steve Roberts#/Kim Wylie€/Matthew McCoy% 

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DL3001 inside cover

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DL30011 Lado A

DL30011 Lado B

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