"We've got a request from the man in the lorry out the front"

Jupiter 6.24577AR front cover Jupiter 6.24577AR back cover

  • Above: Live Kicks German LP release, 1980, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: 6.24577 AR
Label: Jupiter Records
Recorded: 31st December 1977
Released: January 1981

Side One:

B.1.C. (Harper/Garratt) 1.50
I Couldn't Be You (Presley) 1.56
I Live In A Car (Slack/Harper/Garratt/Lions (sic)) 1.10
Tomorrow's Girls (Harper) 2.17
Stranglehold (Harper) 2.10
Illegal 15 (Harper/Garratt) 1.00

Run-out groove: S - II  6.24 577 - 01 - 1

Side Two:

C.I.D. (Harper/Anderson) 1.44
No Rules (Victim) (Harper/Garratt) 1.15
Lady Esquire (Harper/Garratt) 1.45
Telephone Numbers (Slack/Harper/Garratt/Lions (sic)) 1.05
World War (Harper/Garratt) 1.40
Disease (Harper/Garratt) 1.08
Stranglehold (Encore) (Harper) 1.50

Run-out groove: 6.24 577 - 01 - 2

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Nicky Garratt
Bass: Steve Slack
Drums: Rory Lyons


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Jupiter 6.24577 AR Side 1 Side 1 Jupiter 6.24577 AR Side 2 Side 2


  • Below: Copy of German promo sheet for Live Kicks

Released January 1981


Promo infop sheet

  • Above: Photocopy of info sheet, image courtsey Graham Mathias


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