"There's man who takes your wallet"

TCCD 9.00672 front cover TCCD 9.00672 back cover

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Cat. No: TCCD 9.00672
Trance Records
January 1980

Track Listing:

You Can't Take It Anymore (Harper - Garratt - Slack - Davies) 1.59
Brand New Age (Harper - Garratt) 1.32
Public Servant (Harper - Garratt) 2.15
Warhead (Harper - Slack) 3.20
Barbie's Dead (Harper - Slack) 2.19
Organised Crime (Harper - Garratt) 2.06
Rat Race (Harper - Garratt) 1.58
Emotional Blackmail (Harper - Garratt) 2.44
Kicks (Harper - Garratt) 1.51
Teenage (Harper) 2.31
Dirty Girls (Harper - Garratt) 1.48
500cc (Harper - Garratt - Slack) 2.15
Bomb Factory (Harper - Garratt) 2.11
Emotional Blackmail II (Harper - Garratt) 1.08


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Nicky Garratt
Paul Slack
Pete Davies

TCCD 9.00672

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