"You Don't Make Sense!"

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Cat. No: Amsterdamned 70005-2
October/November 1995


Track Listing:

Let's Get Drunk (Harper, Barnes/Campbell) 1:21
Shove It (Harper/Barnes) 2:35
DF 118 (Harper) 2:03
Solutions (Harper/Campbell) 6:04
Public Address (Harper/Campbell) 2:04
Revolving Boys (Harper/Barnes) 3:36
One Of The Girls (Harper, Barnes) 2:42
Darkness (Harper/Campbell/Barnes) 2:07
Not So Secret Wars (Harper/Campbell) 1:27
Infidel (Harper/Campbell) 2:39
MPRI (Harper/Campbell) 1:18
Nazi Cunts (Barnes/Davies) 1:00
God Bless Amerikkka (Harper/Campbell) 3:21
Y.D.M.S. (Harper) 2:43
The Great Northern Disaster (Barnes) 3:05
Ode To Completion (Harper) 1:59


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Alan Campbell
Brian Barnes
Pete Davies


A small number of promo copies in card wallets were produced, see images below.
The discs were identical to the final release.


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Amsterdamned 70005-2

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Occupied advert


Occupied review

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