"Now they have the power to put us away"

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Cat. No: CDPUNK 115
Recorded: October 1996
Released: March 2000

Track Listing:

Cyberjunk (Gibbs)
Rebel Radio (Harper/Garratt)
Power Corrupts (Harper/Garratt)
Preacher (Harper/Garratt)
Riot (Harper/Butler)
Chemical War (Harper/Garratt)
Paradise Burning (Harper/Garratt/Gibbs)
House Of Cards (Harper)
Human Rights (Harper/Garratt/Gibbs)
Guilty Man (Harper/Garratt)
Lost Not Found (Gibbs)
Music For The Deaf (Harper/Garratt/Gibbs)
Beggars & Bums (Harper/Garratt/Gibbs/Ayer)
My Little Red Book (Bacharach/David)
Flat Earth Society (Harper/Garratt)

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Nicky Garratt
Alvin Gibbs
Drums: Dave Ayer


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