"They're puttin' on the heat"

NOISE052 front cover NOISE052 back cover

  • Above: A.W.O.L. Polish CD release, 2005, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: NOISE 052
Noise Annoys
1981 - 2001
April 2005

Track Listing:

Self Destruct (Garratt/Harper)<
Ship Wrecked (Gibbs/Harper)$+
Enemy Awaits (Garratt)#+
War of the Roses (Garratt)<
Police State (Garratt/Harper)<
New Barbarians (Harper)+
Keep On Running (Gibbs/Harper)^
Limo Life (Garratt/Harper)+
Postcard From L.A. (Garratt/Harper)*@
Betrayal (Garratt/Harper)>
Nobody Move (Garratt/Harper)>
Beer Police (Garratt/Harper)@
Teroristos (Garratt/Harper)%
Philips Environmental (Harper)%

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper/Alvin Gibbs$/Nicky Garratt#
Nicky Garratt
2nd Guitar on Nobody Move: Terry Bones
Bass: Alvin Gibbs/Jacek Otoya*/Gregor Kramer>
Mal Asling/Jason Willer%


  • Above: CD. Click to enlarge.


There are a number of copies which were mixed up with a Polish spoken word recording. There is no way of telling you have one of these rare mispressings until you play the actual CD, which contains none of the UK Subs content listed above. The cover and CD artwork are identical to the normal verson. It is impossible to know how many of these exist. Good luck finding a copy!


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