U.K. Subs or Charlie Harper play Gossips, London, England
Line up:
Charlie Harper – vocals
? – guitar
? – bass
? – drums


Urban Dogs drummer Matthew Best recalls that:

"I think I can figure out how I joined the Urban Dogs from my notes from 1980/81.  I was a friend of Captain Sensible’s – he lived quite near me in South Norwood – and I ended up playing drums for him when he was recording demos for the Damned.  Then in 1980 his girlfriend at the time Kursty got a funny little band together called “Short Commercial Break” which only played music from adverts (so all the songs were about 30 seconds long).  We played our first gig on 22 August 1980 at the Electric Ballroom supporting Splodgenessabounds – the line-up was Kursty, Eric from the Whizz Kids on guitar, Alvin Gibbs on bass and me on drums.  That was a bit of a one-off and probably only lasted a few minutes!  The next interesting thing I did was play in a band called Chaos Factory (Captain Sensible, Nik Turner plus “Bob” and “Trevor” – can’t remember who these guys were!) at Cecil Sharpe House supporting Inner City Unit on June 5th 1981. 

Three days later Short Commercial Break played another gig – this time with Kursty, Captain Sensible on bass, and me at Gossips – supporting Charlie Harper!  So I’m guessing that must be about the time I met Charlie…  Obviously he was friends with Captain Sensible and Kursty so I would probably have bumped into him anyway…" 


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