Early line-up shot

Urban Dogs play ?, London

Information sourced from the Urban Dogs' drummer, Matthew Best's diaries


Matthew recalls: "At this gig Charlie asked me if I was busy over the weekend cause the UK Subs drummer had just left and they had some gigs in Spain.  I said I'd love to do them so ended up leaving London at 4am the next morning to drive to Plymouth where we caught a ferry - along with the two other bands who were playing, The Anti-Nowhere League, and Chelsea - to Santander in Northern Spain. 
That took 24 hours during which time I had to try to learn the UK Subs set.  Once we got to Spain, the Anti-Nowhere League's drummer was refused entry to the country.  We drove for hours and hours to Madrid and played the first gig with just the UK Subs and Chelsea on Thursday night."


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