U.K. Subs play Heavy Manors/Union Hotel in Colne, England



Line up:
Charlie Harper - vocals
Nicky Garratt - guitar
Paul Slack - bass

Pete Davies - drums




The venue is not clear for this date as press adverts seem to contradict each other (see below) though the venue may well have been changed.


News article

  • Above: News article, Record Mirror, 7th July 1979.
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At the beginning of October 2013, some rare, previously unseen footage from this gig was uploaded to YouTube by Gary Brown... as seen below:

UK Subs gig at the Union, Colne on 5th July 1979.
This series of videos dedicated to Simon Lanzon. 

Number 1 of 10 - I Live In A Car

Number 2 of 10 - Tomorrows Girls

Number 3 of 10 - World War

Number 4 of 10 - Rockers

Number 5 of 10 - Emotional Blackmail

Number 6 of 10 - T.V. Blues

Number 7 of 10 - B.1.C.

Number 8 of 10 - Young Criminals

Number 9 of 10 - All I Wanna Know

Number 10 of 10 - After show footage, interviews with Pete and Nicky


View footage of the UK Subs arriving at their second gig of 1979 at Colne on 8/10/1979 HERE


The U.K. Subs et al, at Glastonbury, June 1979


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From the Rob Cook U.K. Subs collection


  • Above: Music press advert from New Musical Express, unknown date

From the Rob Cook U.K. Subs collection

Above: Music press advert from Melody Maker, 23 June 1979