U.K. Subs play the Agincourt, Camberley, England
Line up:
Charlie Harper – vocals
Jet  – guitar
Paul Slack – bass
Jamie Oliver – drums

Bronx Zoo
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Vacant State

Gig Review by Graham Matthias

The venue looked excellent from the outside, with a proper stage inside and with plenty of room for the million Subs fans due to turn up!
I suppose the rain kept most of them indoors tonight!
Shame on you though as the Slack/Storm/Oliver line-up put on a quality performance, apart from Mr Harper forgetting the words to I Couldn't Be You – maybe he should play the harmonica all the way through!
There was a lively 20 or so down the front, and with Strychnine sounding much better tonight, and a great Young Criminals in the second encore, along with brilliant performances of Emotional Blackmail and Barbie’s Dead, this was a generally top notch performance, especially Jamie, who's drumming is sounding so good now that Pumpy never gets mentioned anymore! Oops sorry, I've just mentioned Pumpy!
It was also great to see Mr Slack using the same Immac product on his head as Jet uses on his chest (posing as usual!)
Cheers for the taxi bruv and good to see Mr Ramsgate buying a new shirt!
As for Jello, sorry but you've been ditched/history/bye bye....
PS - news is that Creation is being practised ready for inclusion... we'll see?

Cheers Gaga - eds

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